What’s Your Personal Brand’s Visual Identity? - Gloria MacDonald

What’s Your Personal Brand’s Visual Identity?

As a Network Marketer it’s important for you to have your own Powerful Personal Brand Identity.

But what about your Visual Identity?

Below, I chat with an expert in the area of creating a great Visual Identity.

Ian Bower is the owner of Graphic Rhythm and an entrepreneur obsessed with art and design. Confused and frustrated by the mystery that surrounds graphic design for business, Ian has made it his mission to make great design accessible and easy to understand for everyone.

You’ll learn…

  • What is visual identity and why should brands be so concerned with it.
  • How you go about building a strong visual identity.
  • What most people struggle with while building their visual identity.
  • What’s the difference between brand identity and visual identity? Do you need both?
  • What people think vs reality: What is the difference between what people expect during the visual identity process, and what is the reality?
  • How you can get started creating your visual identity.
  • What a graphic designer can do that a marketer cannot.
  • AND… the Best Tips for creating a memorable visual identity.

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