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The 3 Cardinal Sins of Sales

It was absolutely shocking to me!!

I'll get to that in a second, but first I have to explain.

One of the things I do really well is snoop.

Yep!! I'm confessing.

And if you're not a world class snoop you should be.

OK... it's not really snooping...

It's learning from the Masters. (There, doesn't that sound better and far more professional. And heavens knows... we want to sound professional! LOL!!!)

So, I follow a bunch of people who are top, top, top leaders in several different fields - network marketing, online marketing, personal development, and coaching.

Part of my "following" is opting into their freebies, being subscribed to their email lists, actually reading their emails (hint, hint), registering for some of their webinars, watching some of their webinars, paying attention to what they're promoting, launching, how they're marketing, and what their price points are.

AND sometimes...

I even book a free consultation call to find out about one of their high-end programs.

So that's what happened this week. I had a call with a coach for one of the "GIANTS". You'd know this person for sure!!!

I was interested in finding out more about one of his coaching programs. Turns out it costs $30k, but I didn't know that going into the call.

The day arrives. I'm genuinely excited about the upcoming call. I know I'm going to learn some great things from this call because... well, heck... this coach works for truly "one of the best." And he's been trained directly by the giant himself!


And man, oh man... did I learn a LOT!

Frankly, the lessons were many.

Here are just a few, including the 3 Cardinal Sins of Sales...

1. Don't assume

  • Don't assume that just because someone is a coach of a "big name" and that they've been trained by the superstar, that they are necessarily the best-of-the best.

2. Always Uncover Your Prospect's Dreams & Their Pains

  • Always ask your prospect lots and lots of questions to uncover their dreams and what they feel is holding them back and keeping them from their dreams...what's causing them pain.
  • Help your prospect connect to their emotions around their dreams and their pains.
  • When you ask questions to uncover these two things, your prospect will be basically telling you what they want to be sold on.
  • CARDINAL SIN #1 COMMITTED - This guy only asked me how much money I wanted to make. He didn't connect me to my dreams or my despair.

3. LISTEN Far More Than You Talk

  • Every buying decision is an emotional one, but only 100% of the time! No matter how much your prospect is analyzing and may want tons of information, that's just all a subconscious intellectual alibi for their emotional buying decision.
  • People learn far more, and connect to their emotions when they hear themselves talk (answer questions you've asked them) then when they hear you talk!!!u
  • Your prospect wants to be heard! They don't want to hear you. When your prospect feels heard you will have created an connection. You will have built rapport, even though you didn't say much!
  • CARDINAL SIN #2 COMMITTED - This guy spoke probably 80% of our 40 minute call. A good sales person listens 80% or more of the time.

4. Ask The Magic Question!

  • The vast, vast, vast majority of people won't do what you don't ask them to.
  • You need to ask closing questions. Ask for the sale.
  • CARDINAL SIN #3 COMMITTED - He never even asked me for the sale!!! After 40 minutes on the phone with me, he never asked if I had any more questions, what the next step was for me, or if I was ready to get going. He just said, "Well OK, thank you, bye." (I was just about LMAO at that point!!!)

I could go on about the absolute lack of any kind of follow-up, but I won't. You get the picture!

If you don't feel 10000000% comfortable closing the sale...

If you don't feel like you know how to overcome objections...

If you don't know how to connect with different personality types...

Check this out.

If you know that you're committing any of the 3 Cardinal Sins of Sales, but you don't want to feel like a slimy, sleazy sales person, and you just don't feel like you're any good at sales...

This will show you exactly how to...

==> Uncover your prospect's dreams and pains

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