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Brace Yourself For What’s Going To Happen

Today is the beginning of a fresh new week, so let me tell you about something I KNOW is coming your way.

You’re going to face some frustration, discouragement, some not so welcome surprises, some setbacks, and possibly even FAILURE.

You’ll to talk to a prospect about your business, and they’ll say “NO.”

You'll write an email or send a message and get an expected unpleasant reply.

Maybe you'll post something about your product or opportunity on Facebook, and get slammed with some nasty comment.

Or maybe, like what just happened to me at a family reunion this past weekend...

A family member, relative or a friend will ridicule you for doing "that pyramid scheme", shoot you down and question your sanity.

If you've been in this business for any amount of time it’s happened before, right?

And I promise, it will happen again.

But as John Maxwell said in his brilliant book “Failing Forward”…

“There’s one major difference between average people and achievers. The difference is how they respond to failure.”

Here's the deal…

Any time you decide to step outside the ‘norm’ and pursue your dreams, you’re going stare some failure or rejection in the face. Guaranteed.


But if you don’t let that derail and stop you dead in your tracks (which is what happens to most people)… you’ve got a real chance to succeed.

Trust me, I get this is much easier said than done.

When you come up against a stumbling block… someone who you thought for sure was going to sign-up doesn't… you miss your sales volume… a promotion turns out to be a big flop… and it seems like the weight of the world is on your shoulders… it isn't easy to just calmly respond and look at it as a little bump in the road.

But the truth is…

It won’t do you any good to sit around and focus on what isn't working and why.

Or feel sorry for yourself.

Or scream and stomp and blame your upline, downline, sideline, or your company.


You got to learn to kick failure in the teeth and just bust through it.

It’s all a mental game.

And here’s one way of the best ways I've learned to deal with it.

Reduce the amount of exposure you have to people who are NOT interested in your business at all.

If you eliminate non-qualified prospects, you can virtually get rid of rejection.

And here's a system that can help you do that. Get started today!

Celebrating Your Success!


Gloria MacDonald

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