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5 Tips to Help You CRUSH Your Doubts

Do you ever wake up with thoughts of doubt about the business?


Is all this anxiety and frustration worth it?

Can I really do this?

Is this ever going to happen?

Of course we NEVER talk about this to anyone… because you’re supposed to take the bull by the horns and stay positive.


Well let me tell you…

Here’s one of the BEST things I’ve ever heard, from one of the most successful people in direct sales, ever…

Every single day I wanted to throw in the towel. Not a day went by when I didn't to quit the business and go back to my old job.

So, if you ever feel a little anxious… Not sure if you should “keep on keepin’ on”… And have any doubts about your ability to succeed…

That’s NORMAL.

In fact, it would be weird if you didn’t.

However, most people let the inner critic get to them, and stop them dead in their tracks.

The key is to realize that it’s an internal battle. It’s all in your head.

And if you ever struggle with this (even silently)…

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You CRUSH These Doubts

TIP #1: You and You Alone Create Your Success or Failure

I know that's a tough one to hear. But it's the absolute truth. If you don't succeed, or if things aren't going the way you thought they would, don't blame your upline, your downline, or your company.

The really good news is when you do take 100% responsibility for everything, yes, I mean everything in your life, it's so incredibly empowering and freeing.

Each one of us creates our live through our thoughts and feelings. This isn't just woo-woo weird stuff.

This is science - physics! Like frequencies co-here, come together, and dislike frequencies dissipate, or move apart.

You know it's true because you see it in all areas of your life. Your TV, car radio, your cell phone, and your garage door opener.

So if things aren't going the way you want, there's only one answer!


Download my FREE Heart Meditation here.

This is a very short and simple mediation that can change your vibration literally in a heart beat!

TIP #2: Find a Mentor

Even though I'm a coach, and most of my clients are multiple six and seven figure earners, I still am almost always working with a mentor myself.

Be willing to be an apprentice. Find someone, even if it's not your upline, who has been where you've been and has what you want.

A good mentor allows you not to keep making the same "mistakes". Your mentor should help you course correct. And trust me, when you're growing any business, there will be course corrections.

Be willing to study, learn new skills and practice to improve, not to get the job done.

Be in the practice of being the best you, you can be.

TIP #3: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Being successful will absolutely require you to step outside your comfort zone.

So when you're feeling anxiety or stress about your business, it's helpful to be able to identify if this feeling is just because you're outside of the boundaries of what's "normal" for you.

If you have stepped out of that comfy box, just know that your brain is going to try to keep you safe. Which means your brain is trying its darndest to keep you caged in your little box.

Your brain's way of protecting you is to make you feel fear, stress, worry, etc. These feelings usually make you shut down and stop pushing beyond where you've been before.

And voila! Your brain has been successful. It's performed it's number one job, which is to keep you safe.

When you understand that this is how your brain works, you can laugh at it, and know that while certain parts of your brain haven't evolved, you have. And, you're not out there fighting tigers and lions. Nothing life threatening is about to happen.

With this understanding, you can use your rational mind to move past your fears.

One of my mentors used to always say,

Everything we want in life is on the other side of fear.

TIP #4: Have a Plan/Routine

One of the biggest things that kills new entrepreneurs is that they don't have a schedule or a routine that they diligently adhere to.

I can't recommend highly enough that you have a DAILY routine. Create a plan and stick to the plan!

It's the lack of consistency in activity that produces lack of consistency in results. Shocking, right?

And then, the lack of consistency in results produces those nasty little doubts, which then usually take you out of activity.

It becomes a vicious cycle.

I started my first multi-million dollar business a little over 14 years ago. And when I look back, I know one of the biggest reasons why I lasted, when so many people around me didn't, was because I took daily, consistent action.

That same mentor also used to say,

Ordinary things, consistently done, produce extraordinary results.

Here's one of the very best systems I know of to help you build your network marketing business. It really is a Daily Action Blueprint.

In fact, now that I think about it, it's a Million Dollar Action Blueprint!

TIP #5: Be Patient

And I would add to that, be unattached to the outcome.

I LOVE the idea of having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.

If you can stay in the energy of allowing the Universe to surprise and delight you on a daily basis, it makes the journey so much easier and more enjoyable.

Know that there will be ups and downs. That's just part of building any business.

If you can't handle the ups and downs don't get started.

Stay focused on every small teeny tiny little win you have.

I still celebrate every time I get a new prospect. Even if they don't join my team, or even become a customer. I celebrate.

I remain open to knowing that the Universal timing is perfect.

If the time isn't right for that prospect to join me, or become a client, I truly don't want what's not right for them.

I think one of the biggest challenges the Network Marketing Industry faces is the idea that this is a "get rich quick" plan. And far too many people present it as an opportunity to make millions working part-time from home.

Yes, you can make millions.

Yes, you can work part-time.

And, yes, you can work from home.

You just can't do all three of those things at the same time.

Let's be perfectly clear. Anyone who has made millions in a business has NOT worked part-time to get there.

That doesn't mean you can't work part-time to start. You can. I did.

And this is the best plan I know of to really get your business going, especially if you're only part-time right now. Check it out what I have affectionately named the Million Dollar Action Blueprint!

Celebrating Your Success!



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