How to Create Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) so Prospects Want To Join YOU! - Gloria MacDonald

How to Create Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) so Prospects Want To Join YOU!

What makes you and your business different and unique?

If you’re not sure, then you're probably not setting yourself apart from the competition - even other people in your own company.

Which means you could be losing quite a few leads and sales, because other Network Marketers (with a more defined voice) are probably dominating the conversation and grabbing your potential prospects’ limited attention.

So how do you change this?

Well, you need to create your “unique selling proposition!”

Now, you might not know anything about having a “USP,” but trust me, it’s vitally important.

In fact, it’s one of the most important things you can create for your business.

Basically, it’s what separates you from the 'masses.’ It's what sets you apart from all of the other Network Marketers out there.

How you develop your USP will be a little different depending on whether you have a large team or business, or just a brand new distributorship in network marketing, affiliate marketing, or direct selling.

Let’s dig into this…

Definition of Unique selling proposition

 Here’s the question…

What do you offer, which sets you apart from everybody else in the marketplace?

You might be saying "but my company already provides me with a USP."

Like your ‘unique’ comp plan, or your ‘unique’ products or services, or your 'unique' company culture.

But here's the problem. Those may be the USP for your company and their products…

The question still is:

What’s your unique selling proposition?

What's different and special about YOU that will make people want to buy from, and join YOU over somebody else, even in your own company (much less a different company or the entire market)?

Two unique USP definitions…

Let's take a look at two different definitions of USP.’s definition is as follows…

“The factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason that one product or service is different from, or better than, that of the competition.”

Basically what makes you different from the competition is what is saying.

However, I actually like the Kissmetrics definition of USP better, because it’s more relevant and more clear.’s definition is…

A unique selling proposition is  what your business stands for. It’s what sets your business apart from others because of what your business makes a stand about.

In other words, if you try to stand for everything, you’ll actually stand for nothing.

For instance, you can’t be known for having the highest quality AND the lowest prices, or the best food AND the most inexpensive menu.

It doesn’t work.

You’ve got to plant your flag on a certain concept.

The real question is…

What do you stand for?

Let’s take a look at…

Two great USP examples

Starbucks stands for premium coffee, but NOT premium coffee and cheap prices.

They want to give you the best coffee and overall experience that they can.

If you walk into the store, it’s laid out very nicely and Starbucks wants to give you a high quality coffee drinking atmosphere.

Zappos started off as a shoe company, but obviously selling shoes is not unique.

So what they stand for is the highest quality customer service in the world.

Literally, Zappos customer care people are willing to do just about anything for you!

You can basically call them up and tell them that you need different shoes because your current ones don’t fit.

They’ll not only send you new shoes, but they’ll even let you keep the old ones if you ask.

I’ve even heard people call Zappos and order a pizza, which actually shows up!

It’s kind of crazy, but Zappos has the best customer care.

Hands down.

So what about MY unique selling proposition?

Gloria MacDonald’s USP

When I first started my mentoring business, my unique selling proposition was pretty undefined. I helped anyone who would pay me. LOL!! But I've always been about teaching people how to shift their energy to create what they want to create. Over the last year I've really zeroed in on working with Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and people in Direct Sales.

My USP is that I help people create spectacular businesses and lives using the two most powerful tools there are in the world today - the power of your consciousness, your mind, your energy, and the power of the internet.

That’s what I stand for.

I stand for teaching network marketers the most cutting edge energetic techniques, in combination with digital networking and digital marketing strategies that exist today, from the people who are actually building their businesses using these strategies.

And these strategies are not something the ‘orthodoxy’ in the industry are willing to teach you.

That’s the message I deliver and that’s how I'm attracting networkers from across the world.

This anti-orthodoxy stance is attracting top earners

Because there are six- and seven- figure earners who are getting frustrated and fed up with the network marketing orthodoxy who only want to follow “old school,” offline methods.

There are even seven-figure earners in network marketing right now that don’t even have Facebook or LinkedIn accounts!

And, I mean, REALLY…

How can you be relevant in today’s age if you don’t even have a Facebook and LinkedIn account?

Obviously not everyone’s like that, but network marketers without Facebook and LinkedIn accounts push back against going online, because they don’t understand it.

But the pages are turning as far as this industry is concerned…

…and I'm in a great position to help people discover digital marketing strategies for the network marketing, direct selling, and affiliate marketing space.

So what’s going to set you apart?

There is one VERY powerful thing you can do, that's not a brand new idea, but it works, and it will differentiate you.

The one USP that will never go out of style is…

The willingness to get on the phone and serve somebody, based on where they’re at, without pitching them your network marketing business.

This means you LISTEN and make recommendations based on what they need and what they tell you…

Not based on your agenda to funnel as many people into your networking business as possible.

That may be difficult for the new networker to fully understand, and especially old school networkers who have been around for a while (because they always walk around with an agenda to recruit everyone).

But what you’ll discover is that if you switch your mindset to, what I call being a person of increase, and ask yourself, "How can I help? How can I serve?" you’ll actually end up recruiting MORE people.

The “non-agenda approach” is much easier

Once you get your prospect on the phone, you’ll benefit from being able to listen to them talk about what they’re struggling with, so you can then make recommendations based on those exact struggles.

That’s going to set you apart from most people in this industry.

There are a lot of marketers spamming people and running ads on Facebook, or posting all kinds of pictures of their products on Linked In...

But how many are actually willing to hop on a private chat?

My guess is very few.

Now that’s a unique selling proposition that will never go out of style and will always be in high demand, because, again, people will always want to cut through the BS and just ask…

“Okay, what’s this about? Can you explain what’s going on?”

In fact, being willing to hop on the phone with somebody was the USP I personally used when I first got started.

So if I didn’t already hammer it in enough, when you’re brand new, even through your first year…

You don’t need to develop a crazy unique selling proposition

You just need to be the person who’s willing to stand for the needs of other people first.

And to be the person who’s willing to hop on the phone and actually listen to people.

Because guess what?

Even though there are other networkers using this strategy…

  1. There aren’t many willing to hop on the phone, who are building online
  2. You’ll very likely be the first person who’s ever hopped on the phone with your prospects, so you’ll automatically be different from everyone else in their mind

Again, being willing to talk to people on the phone, through video chat, or through private messaging is what’s going to help you stand out more than anything else.

In a crowded, noisy online space…

Your willingness to directly connect with people is rare!

Believe me, it is.

It may seem like a lot of people are doing it, but only select leaders are doing it.

The majority are not!

And even the leaders are too busy to talk to everybody, which gives all of us an opportunity if we’re willing to pick up the phone.

Now, hopefully you’re fired up and ready to implement this strategy.

So the next question is, do you…

Need people to talk to?

Because let’s face it, before you can start calling your prospects, you need prospects to call in the first place!

Unfortunately, this is an area where a lot of business owners initially struggle.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, you can easily implement a lead generation strategy that will bring you fresh leads daily, like clockwork.

So if you’re having any trouble generating leads for your business or finding enough prospects to talk to…

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