The MLMer’s Step-by-Step Road Map to Success - Gloria MacDonald

The MLMer’s Step-by-Step Road Map to Success

Recently a client asked...

"If you were starting all over again from zero now, Gloria, what would you do?"

Ooooooo... good question!

I thought for a second and knew exactly what I'd do.

So today I'm going to give you...

Your Personal Road Map to Success

This is the exact guidance and advice I would want someone to give me if I were starting off today on building a business.

People have said…

"It's not the same as it was when you started."

Yes, things have changed since I started this journey four years go, AND...

They haven't.

I'll explain what I mean.

If you’re looking to build a multiple six or seven figure business in the next three to four years, I’m about to share with you exactly what it takes and what the steps are to make it happen.

WARNING: This is not for the faint of heart. Most people will never do what it takes… even though they’re totally capable of it.

Watch the video here and read more below.

Let me tell you a story about a client of mine. We’ll call her Beth.

Beth is smart, capable, funny – hysterical actually – she’s an amazing copywriter, and there’s nothing I know that she doesn’t know.

In fact, she says that all the time and I agree with her. 

She’ll me tell that she watched one of my videos, read one of my articles, or listened to one of my training calls and she thinks to herself… “I know all of that!”

And she does. And I tell her so.

But Beth has only met with marginal success. She’s had months where she’s made maybe $3,000 to $5,000. But then the next month maybe she only makes $750.

She hasn’t had the “breakthrough” she really wants.

You know the one… the one that gets you $10,000 a month. Or six figures a year.


The answer is simple.

She’s not doing what it takes.

Now I want to be REALLY, REALLY, REALLY clear this is not a criticism of Beth. Beth is an amazing person who has all the skills, talents, and abilities to create the success she wants. And I feel totally blessed to have in my life.

But remember I said this is NOT easy!!!

For most people, the biggest block is the 6 inches between their ears. And these 6 little measly inches are the longest, toughest road they’ll ever have to take.

The Step-by-Step Road Map to Success

The actual road map to build your business is fairly straightforward.

Algorithms and policies have changed on LinkedIn and Facebook since I started four years ago, but they will always change. 

As they say… “The only thing that’s constant is change.”

And if you’re going to be successful you need to learn to change and adapt with the various social media platforms.

Critical Skill Sets

Excellent communication skills are essential to your success.

Learn how to be a good

  • Speaker/Presenter/Trainer
  • And Copywriter

Modelling is the how we learn as human beings. 

Find people who you feel are great verbal communicators and study them. Pay attention to how they speak and how they present. Model them.

Maybe take a course on how to be a speaker/trainer, or join Toastmasters.

Get on 5 -10 email lists of people who are good copywriters. Pay attention to their emails. Model them.

Take a copywriting course if you need to.

Be a Leader BEFORE There’s Anyone to Lead

Leaders show up! 

Even when there’s no one watching your videos, seeing your posts, or reading your emails SHOW UP!

And show up every single day!

You have to put yourself in the way of success, so every time success turns the corner there you are and it’s bumping into you.

Think of yourself as a pop-up doll that’s constantly popping up everywhere. 

Eventually your prospect can’t help but be aware of you.

Awareness is the key.

Brand Yourself

You need to create You Inc. 

Your ideal prospect is looking for YOU!!! Not your company.

You’ve heard it been said over and over because it’s true…

People join people, not companies.

Know who you are and what your unique message and story is. 

It will evolve over time and get richer and deeper as you grow.

See the recent article I wrote How to Build Your Personal Brand and Stand Out from the Crowd for more information on this. 

AND… keep your eyes open for my Personal Branding Program coming out in November 2020.

Build Yourself as Trusted Authority Through Content Creation

You can’t give too much away for free.

It seems paradoxical, but the more you give away the more money you make.

You might be thinking I don’t have enough experience or knowledge to create content.

I can guarantee you you’re dead wrong.

There’s more information and knowledge available to you, literally right at your fingertips than you could ever possibly exhaust.

Use my…

The IRS Process

Invest - Research - Share

To find out exactly how to implement this super powerful strategy grab a copy of my FREE Guide – The Secret Product Selling Formula HERE.

Social Media Stacking Strategy

When you implement my Social Media Stacking Strategy you become much more effective and efficient which enables you to build a bigger business faster.

Everything I teach and do is all about organic reach, so you’re not paying for crazy expensive ads.

You might hear people say you can’t build and scale a business organically. They’re WRONG. 

In under two years I built a business of over 7 figures without paying a dime for advertising.

If I were starting from zero today this would be my order of priority in terms of building a presence on social media that translates into prospects, customers/sales, and team members.

#1 - Hands down TOP Priority is LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains the absolute winner in terms of your ability to target highly qualified prospects and communicate directly with them.

And it takes a different approach than other platforms.

If you’re not using my LinkedIn strategy…

Grab my 60 Minute Power Recruiting Program for Network Marketers HERE

#2 – Facebook

Whether you like Facebook or not, it can’t be ignored. I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook, but I maintain a presence on the platform and I do use it primarily to manage groups and use groups for prospecting.

#3 – Pinterest

If I were starting off today, I would diversify more quickly than I did, and I would build a presence on more platforms sooner. Pinterest is not a social media platform, it’s a search engine with images. As soon as you start creating any content, you should be using Pinterest to help spread the word.

If Pinterest is a total mystery to you, check out Profiting with Pinterest

#4 – YouTube

If you’re doing any kind of video you should start your YouTube channel and upload your videos. YouTube takes quite a bit of expertise to optimize and get traction. It’s a long-term strategy. I pay a YouTube agency to optimize my videos. It makes a huge difference. It’s not inexpensive, but it’s worth it when your business gets to the point where you can afford it.

#5 – Buzzsprout

This isn’t a social media site, it’s the place where I host my podcasts and it’s an important part of my overall media mix. If I had it to do all over again I would have launched my podcast sooner.

#6 – Quora

Quora is my new favorite platform. I’ll be doing some specific training on it in the next couple of weeks. It’s a Q&A site where anyone can ask a question and get answers. You can use it to drive traffic your content, website, landing pages and sales pages. It’s a powerful platform to get highly qualified prospects. The key is having content.

#7 – Instagram

If you’re an Insta lover my apologies! I get it’s fun. And I’ll confess that I haven’t figure out how to monetize it in the way that I’ve been able to with all of the other options above which is why it’s way down here at #7 on my list. Having said that, it’s another important piece of the puzzle for showing up and having success bump into you.

#8 – Twitter

I’ll admit I’m even worse a Twitter than I am Instagram. But I do have a presence on the platform and if there’s a button to share a post, article or video to Twitter I do.

Posting for Profits Formula

Always follow the 3-R’s when creating your content.




When I do a live video on Facebook, I Re-use it by downloading it to my computer then uploading it to YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

I Re-purpose the video content by turning it into an article for LinkedIn, a blog post, and an answer to a question on Quora.

I Recycle the content by posting it multiple times over a period of months on different platforms. Over the course of a year I might re-post the same article 10 or more times on Facebook and LinkedIn. And it could be re-pinned on Pinterest even more times than that.

Posting Frequency Recommendation

If you’re serious about putting yourself in the path of success you need to be doing video at least 5 days a week. A minimum of three of those videos needs to be live video.

You should be creating at least one article or blog post per week.

And you should be doing one other type of post per day.

This is the exact strategy I have used to build the fastest growing team in my network marketing business. Just in the first four months we’re consistently adding 50+ people per month to the team and that’s about to skyrocket.

You can do this to!

Celebrating Your Success!


Gloria MacDonald

Teaching Network Marketers & Entrepreneurs How To UNLEASH The Power Of LinkedIn To Build Your Business & Grow Your Team