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Speaking Your Perfect Prospect Part 2

I got some push-back from my recent article, The Perfect Prospect Fallacy.

Nothing surprising. Especially when you come right out and say that you disagree with what a bunch of people are teaching. LOL!!!

Now for the record... I'm not the only person who disagrees with this whole idea of creating the avatar of your ideal prospect.

There are some "big names" who I've spoken to who completely agree with me.

So this avatar thing...you know, creating a fictitious character who's your perfect prospect.

Yesterday I gave the example of Joanne who's 57 years old, been in network marketing 2.5 years, worried about retirement, blah, blah, blah.

And I gave you an example of exactly why this doesn't work. Only 15% or less of my actual clients would be Joannes!

If I took this Avatar stuff seriously, I'd be missing 85% or more of my actual clients!!

But don't listen to a word I say. I mean that!

I don't want you to just believe me. Think this through, test it out, try it on for size. If it works for you...GREAT. If it doesn't, that's totally OK.

So what should you do instead?

Let's dig a bit deeper, and look at some real examples.

1. Understand your prospects' pains.

My ideal prospect is a network marketer, because I mentor and train network marketers. And if you're a network marketer, practicing attraction marketing, your ideal prospect should be network marketers too.

You know the pains of network marketers.

I've spoken to thousands of network marketers. And I hear the same challenges over, and over and over...

  • "I don't know how to to find prospects to talk to."
  • "I've burned through my warm market."
  • "I can't find people who will duplicate."
  • "I can't find people who really want to build a team."
  • "I get tons of rejection - no's and no-shows"

And every once in a while, (although it's probably true for 98% of people I talk with) some brave soul will admit...

  • "I'm no good at closing the sale."
  • "I hate feeling pushy & salesy."

But what about the people who are already successful networkers?

I work with quite a number of them. And here's the thing...they might not personally have these challenges, but they're fully aware that 99% of their team DOES!

So it's SUPER simple!

Which brings me to the second thing...

2. Have a sense of your prospect's dreams/pleasures

It really boils down to two things your prospect dreams of...

  1. A system to bring them a steady stream of highly qualified prospects that actually want to build a business, and...
  2. The ability to close the sale with ease - without feeling slimy and sleasy, and experiencing rejection.

"So that you (the prospect) can... " [these are really important words]

3. ALWAYS speak to the benefits your prospect is looking for

Now let's assume for a minute that this is a prospect that you're actually speaking with.

It's critical to know how to ask questions and actively listen.

When you ask the right questions and actively listen you always know exactly what your prospect wants. In fact, they'll tell you what to sell them!

Despite what anyone says...

They don't want a bigger team and more money.

They want a bigger team and more money...so that they can...

  • send their kids to college
  • travel more
  • have a sense of security
  • get out of an awful job
  • take care of aging parents
  • buy their dream home, etc., etc.

Despite what anyone says...

They don't want to loose weight, get fit, or get into ketosis.

They want to loose weight, get fit, or get into ketosis ...so that they can...

  • play golf, ski, play tennis
  • play with their kids/grandkids
  • get off medications with bad side effects
  • feel better and enjoy life more

Now let's say you're not in the position where you're actually speaking to a prospect. You're trying to reach your ideal prospects in your posts, lives, messages, etc.

This is where it's super important to...

4. Understand the 4 main personality types

Let's go back to Joanne, the 57 year old, who's been in network marketing for 2.5 years, is concerned about finances for retirement, etc., etc.

Even with all of the exact same circumstances, not all Joannes (or Joes) are created equal!

If we were to put 100 women in a room who are all 57 years old, they've all been in network marketing for 2.5 years, they all only have $10,000 in savings, they have the same expenses, same number of kids, etc., etc...

Within those 100 women, there are going to be different personality types, and they're going to be wired differently.

Even with the same financial stresses...

  • A group of them are going to be results-focused, they want to look at the big picture and accomplish things. They'll seek challenges and take risks that have the potential to yield big rewards.
  • A group of them will want to inspire and motivate people. They want to impact lives, create community, have fun and change the world.
  • A group of them will place caring deeply about people, animals, the environment, helping and supporting people, creating deep, loyal, lasting relationships, and creating a stable, steady, peaceful environment above all else.
  • And a group of them will be focused on creating total accuracy in everything they do. They'll want to be sure every decision they make is a practical one based on logic, analysis, and quantifiable information. They'll be detail-oriented, efficient, and they thrive on a systems and a systematic approach.

When you learn how to do these 4 things...

  1. Understand your prospects' pains.
  2. Have a sense of your prospects' dreams/pleasures.
  3. ALWAYS speak to the benefits your prospect is looking for.
  4. Understand the 4 main personality types.

You can draw your ideal prospects to you in all of your communications.

To learn more about how to do this...

Check this out.

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P.S. Believe it or not, even YOU... yes, YOU can become Sales & Closing Guru!

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