The Power of LinkedIn Groups to Build Your Network Marketing Business - Gloria MacDonald

The Power of LinkedIn Groups to Build Your Network Marketing Business

If you're not using them...

You’re missing out BIG TIME!

LinkedIn in largely overlooked and vastly misunderstood by network marketers and online marketers.

And groups on LinkedIn are a total mystery to most.

That's why today I'm talking about...

The Power of LinkedIn Groups to Build Your Business

We'll cover...

  • The pros and cons of starting your own LinkedIn Group
  • How to become a Content Generating King or Queen
  • How to find and use groups to Get MORE Customers and Sell MORE of Your Products
  • How to find and use groups to Recruit MORE Team Members
  • AND... how to optimize the features of LinkedIn Groups

There are LinkedIn Groups for just about anything and everything you can imagine. So, don’t overlook LinkedIn when you’re looking for customers and team members.

Watch the video and read more below.

LinkedIn Group Info

As a LinkedIn member, you can:

  • Manage up to 30 groups at a time.
  • Join a maximum of 100 groups. If you exceed the limit, you’ll need to leave a group before you're be able to request to join a new group.
  • Have up to 20 pending groups.
  • Make 20 mentions within one conversation.
  • Create up to three groups per day.

A LinkedIn Group can have:

  • Up to 10 group owners.
  • Up to 20 managers.
  • A maximum of 2 million group members.

Should You Create Your Own LinkedIn Group?

Before you jump on the idea of starting your own LinkedIn group, it’s important to understand that the LinkedIn experience overall is very different than what you get on Facebook.

And groups on LinkedIn tend to be different and have a very different feel than groups on Facebook. 

Because LinkedIn is a business platform, there are no gifs available for posting.  You can copy most emojis into a post, but there are no emojis native to LinkedIn with the exception of six 

reaction emojis that are available under the like button when commenting on a post.

LinkedIn Groups are really all about valuable content. People use LinkedIn groups to share content and get information.

They’re not really conducive to being the place where you congratulate and cheer members on.

Just like Facebook, owning a group on LinkedIn is a LOT of work to make it successful. It will require daily posting of substantial content, not just inspirational mems and quotes.

Starting your own LinkedIn group can be a great way to increase your visibility and attract your ideal prospects if you leverage it the right way.

Owning a LinkedIn Group will significantly increase the size of your LinkedIn network, making it easier to find or be found by your target market.

It will also help you show up in more places. Groups are accessible and discoverable from the LinkedIn home page and relevant group conversations will appear in the main feed, keeping you top of mind with your target market.

The time spent on a LinkedIn Group will be more on creating content and less on commenting, liking and trying to get the group to engage in conversation.

However, if you’ve got tons of content and lots of great info to share, a LinkedIn Group can do wonders for your visibility and your credibility. Owning a LinkedIn Group positions you as an authority.

Now, before you stop reading because you don’t think you’re an authority on anything and don’t have enough information to share…

Stay with me!

Because I’m about to show you how you’ve got TONS more knowledge and info at your fingertips than you probably ever imagined.

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How to Become a Content Generating King or Queen

Whether you own a group, or you become a member of groups, it’s all about sharing super valuable content.

Participating in Groups allows you to show off your expertise around a subject and start to build relationships with people who obviously have similar interests.

Let’s look at an example in the weight loss category.

This screenshot shows that there are 2350 weight loss groups on LinkedIn.

The first group, Weight Loss Exercise Tips, has 15,371 members.

If you have weight loss products in your company this would be a great group to start sharing in.

Do NOT post promotional posts about your weight loss products. Many groups will ban you from the group for doing that.

Do post…

  • A video of you giving your favorite 10-minute exercise tip.
  • An infographic with the benefits of a daily yoga practice
  • A list of exercise tips for busy moms, professionals, etc.
  • Share a link to one of your favorite YouTube exercise videos
  • Share a link to an article you found on weight loss tips and add a few sentences in the post as to why you liked the information in this article.
  • Share before and after pictures with a way for people to contact you if they want more information
  • Provide information on why it’s important to drink an after-workout drink
  • Create a post or video on how to prepare for a workout

None of this has to be your own content. Think of yourself as a tour guide or a resource center. You’re going to show your prospects where and how they can find the best possible information on exercise for weight loss.

You could also join the Weight Loss Recipes Group and share your favorite recipes and tips.

Ideally, you want to create a few of your own free guides or lead magnets that you email to people in exchange for their name and email address.

If your company has an anti-aging product(s), there are 839 anti-aging groups on LinkedIn.

How can you take the weight loss example and adjust it for your product line.

Here’s a list of just a few other categories of groups and the number of groups there are in each category on LinkedIn.

Category                                                  # of Groups

Health and Wellness                                  3,590

Skin Care                                                   1,371

Plant-Based/Vegan                                    492

Diabetes                                                     1,336

Home schooling                                         1,567

Work from Home                                        3,503

MLM                                                           1,555

Direct Sales                                                1,988

Network Marketing                                11,942**

(** NOTE: Not all of these groups are Network Marketing groups, but they have the works Network and Marketing in the name of the group.)

Group Participation Tips

  1. Demonstrate your knowledge, skills and expertise by answering questions that others have asked, and ask some questions of your own!
  2. Post articles and ask questions. Share articles or blog posts you’ve found and ask the Group members a question related to the article.
  3. Don’t over-promote!  Groups will be far more valuable to you if you provide value to others and build relationships. When you use the words “me”, “I” or “my”, your content will more than likely get sent directly to the “promotions” tab of the Group.
  4. Make connections through Messaging.  One of the most powerful things you can do on LinkedIn groups is message people who are not your connections. 

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