[True story] He was told he would never make it… - Gloria MacDonald

[True story] He was told he would never make it…

This really says it all...

"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours."

Henry David Thoreau

That's one of my favorite quotes.

And it pretty much sums up what happened to this kid from Philadelphia.

He was told he would never make it. He was too small, and too slow.

In fact, he's a downright shrimp at 6'1" and 198 lbs, when the average height of the guys he's competing against is 6'7".

But that didn't stop Kyle Lowry.

As one headline from the Toronto Star said back in June...

Kyle Lowry goes from better to best in leading Raptors to first title.

In an interview after the final game which brought the Toronto Raptors their first NBA title, I watched the reporter ask Lowry how he did it, when he was told he was too small and too slow to ever make it as a professional basketball player.

Lowry said..."Hard work, and determination."

Now, Lowry didn't use the word, but we all know that to get where he is, he didn't work out and practice basketball for 25 minutes on Monday, then maybe 45 minutes on Thursday, then kindda fool around a bit playing on Saturday.

No, Lowry was consistent.

And he was consistent in doing highly leveraged activities.

I'm pretty darn sure he didn't sit around just reading books on basketball and watching motivational videos.

He advanced confidently in the direction of his dream. And he endeavored to live the life he imagined. And in fact...

He met with success unexpected.

That same Toronto Star article says...

"He is a one-time malcontent who team president Masai Ujiri fully intended on trading back in 2013 because Lowry didn’t seem to have the makings of a winning No. 1."

Lowry is clearly a 20%-er.

Now, if you haven't reached the level of success you've dreamed of, join the club! You're in good company with 80% of the population or more.

AND, it's not your fault!!

You see, Lowry's brain is wired for delayed gratification.

Yours isn't!!

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Gloria MacDonald

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