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3 Keys To Becoming A Master…

Are you?

Are you "tougher than a porkchop at Waffle House?"

This past weekend was The Masters.

You might know that my husband and I are avid golfers.

So we were glued to the TV this weekend watching the pinnacle of golf... The Masters.

And when it was all over, a commentator said "He's tougher than a porkchop at Waffle House."

He was referring to Patrick Reed, the winner.

Now, I'll admit that I've been to a Waffle House.

In fact, I was at one just outside of Augusta, Georgia (where The Masters is played) when we were down there for practice rounds of The Masters a couple of years ago.

Now if you haven't ever been to a Waffle House...

Let's just say, it's not exactly fine dining.

Although, I've never had a porkchop, I've only eaten breakfast there. But you get the idea.

So Patrick Reed is not everyone's favorite golfer.

He's been accused of being arrogant, and even cheating when he was in college.

After he won, in an interview, the commentator asked him how he responded to these things.

To which he said...

"Honestly, it doesn't really concern me, I am who I am."

"You know that once you're successful, there's going to be good things and bad things that people say and, honestly, to me it doesn't really matter."

And it got me thinking that it's the same way in business.

Especially if you're in Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing.

You'll find those people who think that your business isn't "legitimate".

They might tell you Network Marketing is a "scam" or a "pyramid scheme".

And the more successful and well known you become, the more you'll find that there are some people who like you, and others that just don't.

And if you want to stay in the game and become successful...

You're going to have to become tougher than that porkchop.

MASTER KEY #1 - Care more about what you're doing than what other people think of you.

I also heard Patrick Reed say that being a winner was about how you deal with the ups and downs.

Let's face it...

In every business there will be ups and downs.

I certainly have never played golf in front of hundreds of thousand of people, let alone TV cameras everywhere broadcasting to millions.

But I still know that it's a mental game.

And if you let the bad shots get to you and bring you down... you're done.

Isn't it the same with your business?

MASTER KEY #2 - Know that there will be ups and downs in your business. Learn how to stay on an even keel.

The third thing that Patrick Reed talked about was previously putting too much pressure on himself, and being fixated on always hitting "the perfect shot".

This weekend Reed just went out there and played golf.

He said he focused on just being himself and playing golf.

Are you fixated on doing the perfect video?

Writing the perfect email, article, or blog?

Having a perfect prospecting conversation?

If so, this fixation will hold you back and keep you stuck every time.

Get out there and just start working your business.

MASTER KEY #3 - Don't fixate on perfection. Just start taking action.

Reed started playing golf as little kid with a set of plastic clubs.

He didn't start off at The Masters.

He had to learn how to play.

He had to hone and fine tune his skills.

And it's the same thing in business.

You don't start off a business right out of the gates as a huge success.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

And you have to learn and fine tune skills and techniques.

As a Network Marketer, or an Affiliate Marketer, this is where I recommend you start.

Celebrating Your Success!


Gloria MacDonald

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