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The 2 1/2 Hour Diet For Your Brain & Your Success

Just the other day I was talking with a friend of mine who is incredibly disciplined.

She started a diet probably 3 - 4 months ago and she's lost a ton of weight.

She looks great!

(Now stick with me here, because this does have to do with your business.)

So naturally, because she's looking so great...

I wanted to know what on earth she was doing to have such success, so I checked this diet out.

And I can honestly say, on an intellectual level, I totally get it.

The diet is all about cutting out ALL processed foods of any kind.

That means no protein powder, no flour, whether it's organic, non-GMO, spelt, quinoa... all of it out the window.

And saying goodbye to ANY sugar and sweeteners. Even if it's natural like maple syrup, coconut sugar, agave, honey...


This diet makes sooooooo much sense to me!

Because I understand how our brains are wired and how they work.

And I know that you and I are as addicted to the chemicals in our brains...

Good and bad...

As we would be if we were addicted to CRACK.

So the ONLY way any of us are going to lose weight and keep it off...

Is to change the chemical addiction in our brains.

So as I was hopping on a video chat with my friend, who lives half-way around the world...

Just as the camera came on...

She caught me in the act of popping a piece of "super healthy" dark chocolate in my mouth.

Of course this was just three days after I told her I was going to go for it!

I was going to give this diet a whirl.

Well... we both laughed.

And with my mouth full of chocolate I said...

I'm GREAT at the 2 1/2 hour diet!

Heck! I can keep ANY diet going for two and a half hours consecutively!

Until my brain sends another chemical signal to my body saying "sugar...chocolate...sweets...chocolate".

You ever felt that way?

And how about with your business?

Because your brain, with every single thought, is creating an electromagnetic signal, that's producing a chemical, that's sending a message to your body.

With your business, that message might be...

I'm not worthy of success...
I don't have any degrees...
I'm not smart enough...
I'm too introverted...
I'm too old...
I'm ashamed...

And on, and on.

So success in your business is no different than success with a diet.

The only way you're going to change your patterns of failure to success are by changing the chemicals you're addicted to in your brain.

And the way to change the chemicals in your brain, is by thinking different thoughts.

Because, as you've probably heard before...

  • Thoughts create feelings.
  • Feelings create actions.
  • Actions create results.
  • Results create thoughts.

And so, just like with dieting, it's a vicious cycle.

But when you start creating different results...

Then you will start creating different thoughts, that will create new feelings, that will produce different results.

And the cycle is broken.

And that's EXACTLY why I created my new program.

So you could start seeing different results from your prospecting and recruiting efforts.

In fact, much different.

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Celebrating Your Success!


Gloria MacDonald

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