The Single Most Important Skill You Need to Learn... - Gloria MacDonald

The Single Most Important Skill You Need to Learn…

I believe this is the single most important skill you need to learn, IF...

You really want to grow your business.

And I've NEVER heard an upline or a Network Marketing company talk about this.

But I'm not alone on this one.

Here's what one expert has to say...

"The ROI on time spent mastering this skill is superior to just about all else"

He goes on to say...

"Copywriting is one of the highest paid (and highest leverage) activities you can do in your business.

The ROI you get from every hour you spend studying and practicing your craft will be higher than the majority of other things you do in building your business."

- Matt Lloyd

Recently you might have heard me talking about the critical importance of building your list.

Well, the two go hand-in-hand.

If you have a list, but don't know what to write, or feel like you just don't know how to write good copy...

You're sunk.

Now here's the thing...

Building your list is imperative. And here's why...

Neither you nor I can possibly control any social media platform and what's going to happen next.

Here are four headlines from last week:

  • Facebook Lost 1 Million Monthly Active Users
  • Facebook's Stock Down As Much As 24%
  • Wall Street Concerned Facebook Has Hit A Wall In Terms Of Growth
  • Changes To Facebook That Affect Your Account...

Don't get me wrong.

I'm not saying for a second that we need to be concerned about Mark Zuckerberg, or Facebook going any where. And this is not just about Facebook. It's about Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn... you name the platform.

If you want to be in control of your destiny, and your business...

You need to have a list and you need to master the skill of copywriting.

If you're stuck and feel like you don't know how to write, or where to begin...I've got you TOTALLY covered.

I created my 30 Days To Writing Killer Emails, Articles & Blogs just for you!

MODULE 1 is The Art & Science of the Swipe.

In this module I demonstrate for you exactly how I use swipe copy, and what to do with it.

I also talk about the importance of understanding persuasion, and I reveal the 5 Key Persuasion Points every network marketer needs to know.

MODULE 2 is Super Subject Lines, Amazing Content & The Killer Call to Action

Here's where we discuss the eight main types of subject lines.

  • The "How to"
  • Story Headlines
  • The Question
  • The Promise
  • Curiosity
  • F.REE
  • Open Now/Happening Soon
  • Last Chance/Time Sensitive

When you understand these, your open rates start to soar!

I also open my kimono and share my open rates and click through rates.

MODULE 3 is The Unlimited Content Generator

In this module I give you TONS of ideas and show you how I turn everyday events, simple things in life into an email, article or blog.

MODULE 4 is The Magic 15 Minute Writing Formula

Believe it or not... you can be cranking out emails in just 15 minutes a day or less!

CRAZY, right???? But not when I should you my secret system.


If all of this isn't enough to make you want to Take Action NOW...

I'm including these 4 Amazing, Value-Packed Bonuses.

  1. Killer Call To Action Phrases
  2. More Than 101 Headlines & Subject Lines: Eye Popping, Attention Grabbing Headlines & Subject Lines Your Followers Will HAVE To Read
  3. Samples from the Pro's
  4. The Endless Stream of Content Ideas Generator

Don't wait!

Hop right on over HERE.

And start pumping out copy like a pro in just minutes a day!

Celebrating Your Success!


P.S. If you'd prefer to hear me talk about this, check out the video I did!

Gloria MacDonald

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