He closes 8 out of 10...Don't You Wish You Could Too? - Gloria MacDonald

He closes 8 out of 10…Don’t You Wish You Could Too?

How would you like to have almost 8 out of every 10 people you talk to join your team?

Wouldn't that be amazing?

Well, that's basically what he does.

He's got the best closing record in his industry, and actually in history.

But yesterday wasn't his best day.

I'm talking about Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots.

Now let me preface this by saying that I watch football maybe twice a year...

A playoff game, and the Super Bowl.

So, I'm not exactly an "aficionado".

But, I went to Boston University, so the Patriots are my team. ๐Ÿ™‚

And in my books...

Tom Brady is "da man".

Here's a quote from an article on the ESPN website by Ian O'Connor, ESPN Senior Writer

"If you want to be world champs," Brady said, "you have to play in this game."

In other words, if you're going to win five Super Bowl titles by a combined 19 points, you're going to get burned, too.

Now I'm not saying that playing NFL football is exactly the same as building a network marketing business and a team.

But then again...

It's not all that different.

Tom Brady didn't start off, the very first time he had a football in his hands, as the best all-time quarterback in NFL history.

But he got there through hours and hours of practice over years and years.

He got there through diligent hard work and focus.

He got there by not giving up when things didn't go the way he hoped they would.

He got there by getting back up when he got knocked down, literally and figuratively.

And he got there because this is the way he thinks...

โ€œTo me, football is so much about mental toughness, itโ€™s digging deep, itโ€™s doing whatever you need to do to help a team win and that comes in a lot of shapes and forms.โ€        โ€“ Tom Brady

(Source: https://addicted2success.com/quotes/46-phenomenal-tom-brady-quotes/)

So in your business are you digging deep?

Are you doing whatever you need to do to help your team win?

If you feel like you could do more, but you're not sure what that might be...

And you'd love to help your team in a whole new way...

Check this out.

The other thing I know for sure about Tom Brady is that he's always had coaches. As all great athletes do.

Because, let's face it...

No matter how good you are, you can't see yourself when you're in the picture frame.

If you understand the power of having a coach, one who's been where you are, and is where you want to be...

See if you qualify to be part of The Prosperity Circle.

I look forward to seeing you inside my inner circle.

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