Did You Say The Wrong Thing? - Gloria MacDonald

Did You Say The Wrong Thing?

A number of years back, I was recruited into a startup network marketing company.

It was an amazing product in the health and wellness industry.

I was passionate about the product and the opportunity.

You know the story...

I'm sure it's how you feel about your company.

Because this was a startup, the handful of us who were the "Founders" had direct access to the owner/CEO.

He constantly mentored us to "recruit up".

Ever heard that before?

Go after the doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professional types with "good" jobs.

Now if you've tried this, and your experience is anything like mine was...

I got shot down, over and over again, and some of these friends and professionals even ridiculed me for doing this "thing".

Now one day, when the going got tough, the owner of the network marketing company was giving the small group of us a pep talk.

I can't remember exactly what he said, but it was something along the lines of...

"You're doing great... just keep working... it's a numbers game... and remember, you can't say the wrong thing to the right person, and you can't say the right thing to the wrong person."

Now here's the thing...

There are plenty of professionals who have "good" high-paying jobs and absolutely hate their work.

And would jump at the chance of doing something different, IF presented in the right way.

While I don't think everyone is a good prospect, I also firmly believe that you CAN say the wrong thing to the right person, and completely turn them off.

It happens all the time with newbies (and not so newbies) in our business.

I also believe that calling people out of the blue, inviting them to a meeting or a 3-way call with your upline is NOT the best way to kick off the conversation about the business.

It's been overused and abused and people instantly become skeptical. Even the "right" ones.

Now you've got another hurdle to overcome, before they even see what you have to offer.

Here's a much better game plan, one I wish I had for myself and my team at the time.

A strategic way to connect with people without even giving them a chance to shoot you down.

It's all explained in full details RIGHT HERE.

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