SHOCKING... that I haven't been caught yet... - Gloria MacDonald

SHOCKING… that I haven’t been caught yet…

But... I'm still getting away with it.

There was a close call on Friday.

I heard him coming in and I quickly hid the evidence.

I threw it in the garbage just in the nick of time...

'Cuz I knew he'd never see it there.

I took it out as soon as he left again.

I'll tell you the rest in just a second.

But first...

Are there things you're hiding in your business?

If you're anything like me...

For a long time I hid just how much I was struggling.

I NEVER told my husband how much I was in the hole.

Thank heavens I had my own credit cards!

And yes...

That was cardSSSS... as in more than one.


All maxed out.

I put on a very happy face.

But I was spending tons of money on all of the products from my company.

On top of that there was the cost of travel and going to all of the company conferences.

Not to mention the money I spent on a whole bunch of other trainings.

Don't get me wrong.

absolutely believe in investing in personal and professional growth and development.

And there is one skill in particular that I learned that really helped me turn the corner to success.

And now...

The only thing I hide from my husband...

(And you may have heard me mention this before.)

Is this...

YES!!! I put peas in my guacamole!!!

And he thinks it's the BEST guacamole he's ever tasted.

If you ask him, he'd say that he's never tasted any as good as mine.


I lied.

There's just one other thing I hide from my husband.

And he'd DIE if he knew this!

I also freeze my avocados.

When they're just perfectly ripe, I cut them into quarters and freeze them.

Then I take them out and use them in shakes or guacamole whenever I want them.

So, if you're tired of hiding things about your business...

And you're ready to learn that one skill I mentioned before that really helped me turn the corner to success...

You'll want to check this out.

Celebrating Your Success!


P.S. If you're still reading this, trust me, you REALLY want to check this out.

P.P.S. If you're still here, it means I've done EXACTLY what you need to be able to do. And it's what I'm going to teach you to do here.

P.P.P.S. And here's the finished product! Voila! You can't taste the peas AT ALL!

Gloria MacDonald

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