Should you “fake it” ‘till you make it? - Gloria MacDonald

Should you “fake it” ‘till you make it?

There are different schools of thought on this.

But I know some Network Marketers have hang ups about recruiting, because they haven’t experienced success themselves yet.

Some of it comes from people saying…

When you're making money with this thing, I’ll join you.


I'll wait to see how you do with this.

My experience says these people will NOT join you, even after you start raking in the dough.

But most of it really stems from lack of confidence because of little or no results, yet.

You see... when you have results, when you’re bringing in some cash, you look different.

You talk different.

You ooze with real enthusiasm and confidence, and not with a little temporary burst of inspiration, like you do after an event.

So the solution is to get results and make money, so that you can recruit with confidence.

And you can do this, regardless of your comp plan.

Without talking to a single person in your warm market.

Or any kind of cold prospecting whatsoever.

And it’s revealed in full detail in this free webinar.

Along with a complete step-by-step system to recruit, build a team and explode your existing network marketing business.

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Gloria MacDonald

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