Ever felt like a piece of meat? - Gloria MacDonald

Ever felt like a piece of meat?

You know, that feeling that you're about to be skewered?

You can see the dollar signs in their eyes or hear it in their voices.

It happen to me just yesterday.

I got a phone call "out of the blue" from someone who'd connected with me on LinkedIn.

Now I always give these people a TON of credit for having the guts to do cold calling.

Been there.

Done that.

Not for me, thank you!

And because I've been in the industry for so long...

And I understand how tough the grind can be...

I always listen with interest.

Besides, I actually get a kick out of it, and I wonder which "gimmick" this one will use.

Yesterday it was the ole' 3-way call trick.

What? Do you really think everyone was born yesterday?

And they don't INSTANTLY smell "sales pitch" with the "hang on just a minute and I'm going to get my mentor on the phone."

Now the young man who called yesterday was obviously dialing for dollars.

I'll give him points for sounding very professional and articulate.

He had his script down pat.

He introduced himself and said he was calling from LinkedIn and he'd looked at my profile and I was obviously very accomplished...blah...blah...blah.

Sucking up...

And if I could hold on just a minute he was going to get his business partner and mentor, who happened to be his father on the line...

Now at this point, I would normally hang up.

And so would about 99% of your cold market prospects...

But because I'm always curious how network marketers are trying to slog their opportunities, I stayed on the line.

Unfortunately, he had technical difficulties, and despite trying twice to get the 3-way working, hanging up and calling me back, and trying again...

He couldn't get his "partner and mentor" on the line.

To be perfectly honest...

I was disappointed.

Because I really did want to hear how they were going to try to cold prospect me.

But jeeeeezz...

What a tough way to do business!

I can't imagine the rejection.

And frankly...

I'm so over it.

I have less than zero desire to go back to those "old school" ways of prospecting and recruiting.


25 years or so ago, if you wanted to build your business FAST, you pretty much had to use these types of tactics.

But why on earth would you willingly choose to do that today?

When there's a MUCH easier, faster, Rejection-FREE way to use the power of social media...

Especially LinkedIn.

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