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WTF!!!! [Why The Failure???] The Game Changer Manifesto for MLMers

It's not your fault!!!

That's one of the most important things you need to know.

It's not your fault that you're struggling and you're still light years away from the freedom you dream of.

OK... so then...

WTF!!!! Why The Failure???

I see so many smart, hard working people with goals who are no where near their dreams.

To be blunt...

They're failing.

And sometimes miserably!

But WHY?

And more importantly,

What can you do about it?

Because despite what you’ve been told, it’s not that…

  • You don’t have a “why that will make you cry”
  • You haven’t written down your goals and created a 5-year plan
  • You’re not committed enough
  • You haven’t contacted everyone on your “chicken list”
  • OR… you haven’t gone for 100 Nos’

It’s actually something quite different.

And it’s The GAME CHANGER for MLMers!

Today you'll learn about...

  • The prediction
  • The distinction
  • The explanation
  • AND... the SOLUTION

Read more below and watch the video here.

Thanks to the brilliant work of my good friends and colleagues George Campbell and Jim Packard in their book The Consistency Chain for Network Marketing, we have a whole new understanding of why the vast majority of people are failing in this industry.

With this understanding a whole new world of opportunity opens up…

Both for the people who are struggling and the leaders who are trying so desperately to get those team members to duplicate.

The Prediction

In 1906 Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian scientist, theologian, and philosopher published his “80/20 Rule”.

His theory held that 80% of results come from 20% of all effort, or input.

For example, statistics show that…

  • 20% of criminals commit 80% of all crimes
  • 20% of patients use 80% of health care resources
  • 20% of drivers cause 80% of all traffic accidents

And you guessed it…

  • 20% of network marketers produce 80% of recruits and sales

What’s the difference between those network marketers, the 20%, who are always producing, always walking across the stage, and always winning the incentive trips…

You know the ones!

And the 80% (and I would say it’s much more like 5%/95%) who have dreams and goals but just aren’t getting anywhere?

The Distinction

As George Campbell and Jim Packard say…

“Consistency is the super-skill that separates the winners from the also-rans.

So, if it’s that simple, why do people struggle so much to be consistent?”

The Explanation

It’s all about a marshmallow!

Yep! You read that right.

It started out with a Stanford researcher in the early 1960’s who got together several hundred 5-year-olds.

One-by-one he sat down with the kids and offered them a marshmallow. But here’s the twist. They could eat the marshmallow now… or if they waited and didn’t eat the marshmallow for 15 minutes, when he returned, he would give them a second marshmallow.

No surprise. 80% of the kids ate the marshmallow right away. 20% waited.

But it gets better!

They were able to track some of these test subjects from age 5 to age 55. And sure enough, their lives differed dramatically.

In 2011 came the frosting on the cake (or the marshmallow). A researcher, using an fMRI machine was able to look at the 

activity in two areas of the brain and predict with 100% accuracy if the subject had eaten the marshmallow 50 years earlier!

The bottom line…

Our brains are hard-wired for either delayed gratification (the 20%ers), or instant gratification (the 80%ers). 

You’re either wired for consistency – lucky you! Or you’re wired for inconsistency – not so lucky you!

The brain of the 20%er is more active in the pre-frontal cortex. Which means they have a natural ability to make decisions based on likely long-term results. They can naturally delay gratification and be rock solid consistent.

The brain of the 80%er, who is consistency challenged, is quite different. They naturally make decisions based on three “short-term” questions.


The SOLUTION - The Consistency Chain!

The Consistency Chain is a full-fledged “owner’s manual” for the inconsistent 80%.

The Consistency Chain is powerful because it’s about doing just one highly leveraged activity that’s going to move you closer to your “ER Goal” TODAY.  Just today.

Day-by-day as you complete your one activity, you’ll be adding a link to your chain… your Consistency Chain.

What’s an “ER Goal”?

Let’s face it. Goal setting doesn’t work for the 80%er. PERIOD.

Because goal setting is based on delayed gratification.

We have to work with the brain of the 80%er and find a way to fulfill the instant gratification the brain needs.

So instead of setting a goal, you’re going to set a direction.

“ER goals” are words that end in “ER”. You may also use the word “MORE”.

Here are some examples:

Instead of setting a goal to lose weight, your “ER” goal/direction might be…

  • I will be strongER
  • I will be fittER
  • I will be MORE flexible

Instead of setting a goal to start doing live video every day, your “ER” goal/direction might be…

  • I will be bettER on live video
  • I will be MORE confident
  • I will be MORE relaxed on camera
  • I will be MORE engaging

Instead of setting a goal to recruit 5 new team members a month, your “ER” goal/direction might be…

  • I will be a bettER closer
  • I will be a bettER prospector
  • I will be a bettER social media marketer

5 Tips to Clarify & Maximize Your Chain

1.    Choose a Meaningful Direction

Be sure your “ER Goal/Direction” is important and meaningful to you. The Consistency Chain is simple, but it’s not always easy. 

There will be tough days when you’re tempted to “break the chain”. It will be easier if your ER Direction resonates with you.

2.    Keep it Simple

You’re rewiring your brain for consistency and success. So, choose an action that is simple and well defined.

You’ll be setting yourself up for failure if you choose something that has a million steps and processes.

3.    Define the Activity

Choose a clearly defined, highly leveraged activity for your chain. You want this to be something that you can say “YES! My chain is complete!”

Your activity can be time-defined…

  • I will work out for 30 minutes
  • I will write for 20 minutes
  • I will work on creating social media content for 30 minutes

Or your chain can be activity defined…

  • I will invite 80 people to connect with me on LinkedIn
  • I will send an email to my list
  • I will create a social media post

4.    Start Small

Don’t try to climb Mt. Everest if you’ve never put on a pair of hiking boots.

Set yourself up for SUCCESS!

Life is a game. And you get to create the rules so that you win!

Choose an activity that is sustainable. This is not about taking massive action. That’s not sustainable. And it sure as heck isn’t duplicatable.

5.    Track Your Progress

Use one or both of these.

  • A Calendar – We’re going “old-school” here. And sometimes that just works. Use a paper calendar and mark an “X”, a “V” for victory, or whatever symbol works for you, each day as you complete your chain.
  • The Consistency Chain App – The app is available for Apple and Android. Simply go to the app store or

I’m throwing in an extra tip here…

6.    Have a Chain Gang Buddy

Accountability is key!!! Personally, I failed miserably until I had a Chain Gang Buddy who I reported in to every day that my chain was complete. She also reported in to me that her chain was complete.

To find out more about the Consistency Chain and how it can change your life and revolutionize your results…

Check this out NOW! 

Celebrating Your Success!


Gloria MacDonald

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