#1 Top Tip For Success In Your Month-End Push For Business Volume - Gloria MacDonald

#1 Top Tip For Success In Your Month-End Push For Business Volume

Are you ready for the push?

There aren't that many days left in this month?

Are you prepared to really give it your all, push past your current limits and go for it?

Whether you're going for the next rank in your company, trying to stay in qualification for your current rank, or going for a special incentive, contest, or bonus...

I'm going to give you my absolute, all time, #1 Top Tip!

But first...

Let me tell you what happened today.

I had a meeting in downtown Toronto.

If you don't know Toronto, or haven't ever been...

Depending on what stats you look at, it's the 4th, 5th, or 6th largest metropolitan area in North America.

So it's a big city, with all that goes with it...

Namely, traffic.

Bad traffic.

And the city is growing at an incredibly rapid rate.

There are highrises being built all over the place.

At any given time you can easily count 40 or more cranes in the core of the city.

So, as I was driving home today...

Going at the lightning fast speed of about 10 MPH...

I was watching a construction elevator going up the outside of one of these highrises that's being built right beside the highway.

It was gradually, steadily going up the outside of the building.

And it got me thinking...

You know how that stream of consciousness thing is.

I was thinking about a call I had just the other night with a woman in Network Marketing.

She's been with her company for 8 or 9 years.

She told me she reached the top 2% of her company...

And then she lost it all.


How she built her team and her business wasn't sustainable.

Now she's down to 13 people on her team.

Only 4 of whom are active.

She's got about 50 customers.

And she makes about $1,000 per month.

And that got me thinking about another woman I spoke to at the end of last month.

She was really interested in what I'm doing to be so successful.

And she reeeeeeeally wanted to talk with me.


She couldn't talk to me because she was in the last 3 days of the month and pushing to qualify for the next rank in her company.

Now trust me...

I've been there.

Done that.

I've been on the phone with my team members say...

"You can do it!"

"Come on... call all of your customers."

"Message everyone you can on Facebook."

"Text all of your friends."

"Let's go, go, go!"

"Come on 3 1/2 more days... 2 more days...still 24 hours to go!"

I'm as guilty as the next one for having done this...

And way more than once.

And I learned the hard way...

It's not sustainable.

Your customers get tired of it.

Your team gets tired of it.

I am so done with the month end push!

Now I get it...

Maybe because it's the end of October you've got holiday specials that close at the end of the month.

And I still do various different promotion, or marketing, "pushes".

But I don't do them the last 3 days of the month.

And I don't do them EVERY month!

Instead, I build my business like the construction elevator.

Steady up, up, up.

Now THAT'S sustainable.

And it's this system that has enabled me to go from zero to multiple five figures a month in less than a year.

So, my #1 Top Tip for the month-end business volume push is...


I know that's radical.

But, if you'd like to get out of the "month-end PUSH"...

And have a steady sustainable business...

One that your team really can duplicate...

Join me in my FREE webinar.

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