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The 3x3x3 Strategic Planner – A MUST Have Tool


She yelled from across the table.

And we both laughed.

It's an inside family joke.

I was having dinner with my sister-in-law who was in from out of town, and I hadn't seen her in about three months.

Our conversation was all over the place...

(We never have any trouble keeping the conversation going. LOL!)

When all of a sudden she said "SQUIRREL".

Then she asked me, "What was that question you asked, that I never answered?"

You see, my sister-in-law used to have a dog named Conner.

Conner could be lying on his back with his feet in the air, eyes closed, in an absolute zen-like state, getting his belly rubbed...

When all of a sudden he'd spring to his feet and shoot off in some direction.

Or, he could be so intent, chewing on the juiciest imaginable bone...

And he'd be off like a flash.

Or, he could be sound asleep, dead to the world...

And in an instant he'd be up and tearing off to the base of a tree.

All because...

He'd somehow sensed a "SQUIRREL"!

A squirrel could distract him from anything he was focused on.

So do you have squirrels in your business?

Do you find that you get easily distracted and you're off in one direction, or another... or another?

I've found that having a plan to keep me focused has been a HUGE weapon against "Mass Distraction".

(If you suffer from Mass Distraction check this out.)

The ability to stay laser focused on what I want to create in my business has enabled me to build a multiple 7-figure brand.

And here's one of my favorite tools.

3x3x3 Strategic Planner

This is an incredibly simple and powerful tool I use for Strategic Planning. 

I always have a vision for the direction I’m heading, how I want to be growing, and where I want to be in my business. 

However, I’ve found that things change, work out differently than the way you thought they would, or within a different time frame than you thought they might.

So this method allows be to be flexible and adapt.  

It's simple and there are just 3 steps. Here's how it works.

  • STEP 1: Focus on targets for 3 month increments. I recommend defining targets by quarters. Ask yourself what you to accomplish, achieve, or create for the next 3 months.
  • STEP 2: Write down your Top 3 Goals/Targets for this quarter ONLY.  (Any goals that you have beyond 3 you can write down on a separate sheet of paper and bring them forward for the future.) These targets can be financial or sales targets. The number of new leads you want to add to your list. The number of prospects you want to speak with. The number of new team members you want to sign up. Or it could be a project you want to complete. Or a new level in your company you want to reach. Make your targets a stretch but reasonable and believable.
  • STEP 3: Write down how you will feel when you have accomplished each one of your goals.  Don’t ignore this step. It’s powerful. Use emotional words. You might write something like: When I reach X target I will feel proud, accomplished and free.
  • STEP 4: Optional – List any goals that you have that didn’t make your top 3 list for this quarter. If you complete all of your 3 Quarterly Goals early, you can move any of these goals up into the current quarter. Or, have them for the future quarters.

Try this out and let me know how it works for you.

Celebrating Your Success!


P.S. If you know that having more clarity and focus in your business, and having a mentor that can keep you on track could help you, check this out.

Gloria MacDonald

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