The Laws of Success; Success Is Not Governed By Chance Or Luck - Gloria MacDonald

The Laws of Success; Success Is Not Governed By Chance Or Luck

There's no "luck" or "chance" about it!

And it's really not about how smart, talented or confident you are.

So what's the big difference between people who are successful and those who aren't?

I'm going to share with you exactly what that difference is and...

The Universal Laws of Success

You'll learn what they are and how to implement them in your life and your business.

PLUS... I'll explain the Art and Science of creating a business and a life you love living in every way.

I'm also going to share with you a...

Powerful 5 Step Visioning Process

You can watch the video and read more below.

The difference between people who are successful and those who aren’t is NOT potential…


Awareness of what they’re focused on and the results that are being produced from their focus.

Every result is produced by a LAW that produces that result.

For example…

  • The law of electricity produces light.
  • The law or aerodynamics produces flight.
  • The law of combustion produces explosion or fire
  • The law of thermodynamics produces heat.
  • And the law of gravity produces falling towards the earth.

We all have amazing potential, more than we will ever realize in one lifetime. 

We’re connected in an amazing infinite web of Source/Intelligence.

And everything in this universe is governed by laws!

Results Are NOT Random!


1.   The Law of Specificity

Specifically, what would you love to create in all areas of your life?

Define your dream and have a burning desire for it.

  • You always want to take the next logical step.
  • If you’ve only ever been making a maximum of $500 a month in your business for the past 5 years, the next logical step is probably NOT making $50,000 a month.
  • The next logical step for you to be specific about may be making $1000 per month.
  • And then $2500… and then $5000, and then $10,000
  • This is about working WITH your brain not against it.
  • You may have a long-term dream of being at the top rank in your company.
  • And if you’ve never been there before, and you’ve been “stuck” at the level you’re at for the past 20 months, your brain doesn’t believe you can get there.
  • So, you take the next logical step. Be specific about the next level in your business.

2. The Law of Vibration

Match the frequency of what you want and hold the state.

You can have anything you are willing to become.

  • Focus on how you will feel when you go from making $200 per month to making $500 per month, or $1000 per month.
  • Identify the feeling.
  • Is it a feeling of joy? Excitement? Accomplishment? Pride? Success? 
  • Spend time every day holding that feeling state.

When you’re holding the feeling state, it’s like going to the gym and working out. Your RESULTS will be impacted by…

  • Duration – Do you work out for 5 minutes or 25 minutes?
  • Frequency– Do you work out once a week? 3 times? 5 times?
  • Intensity – Do you do bicep curls with a 1 lb. weight? 5 lbs.? 10 lbs.?

3. Law of Proximity

Who do you have around you to support you in your intentions and goals? 

Who’s got access to your mind and heart?

 Who do you let influence you? Build you up or tear you down?

What energy/frequencies are you in the proximity of/surrounding yourself with?

  • Pay attention to how you feel when you’re around different people, and in different situations.
  • Spend more time in high frequency environments.
  • And be aware that no one, and no thing can affect your energy unless you allow it.
  • A higher frequency vibration is always stronger.

The Art & Science of Creation

You CAN out of the field of infinite potential, design a life you’d love living and turn that potential into a probability wavelength, and from that probability, into a predictability wavelength. – This is the SCIENCE.

The ART is the design.

I love this quote from Deepak Chopra about intention.

“Inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment… intention and desire in the field of pure potentiality have infinite organizing power. And when we introduce an intention in the fertile ground of pure potentiality, we put this infinite organizing power to work for us.” 

5 Step Visioning Process

1. Connection – Aligns with the Law of Vibration

  • Before you set an intention get into the right energetic state.
  • Quiet your mind and connect to your heart space.
  • Check in with yourself: How do you feel now?

2. Compassion – Aligns with the Law of Vibration

  • Look at yourself and your life with a sense of compassion.

3. Clarity – Aligns with the Law of Specificity

  • What would you love to create in all areas of your life?

4. Congruence – Aligns with the Law of Vibration

  • Are your intentions in alignment with your values and your Mission Statement? 
  • Are you in the same frequency/in coherence with your intentions?

5. Community – Aligns with the Law of Proximity

  • Who you surround yourself with is who you become.

Visioning & Intentions

  • The ART is a really well-designed life.
  • The SCIENCE is being in congruence with the design, in the same frequency and in harmony with your core values.
  • This is NOT philosophy. This is physics.
  • The frequency of the questions you ask, and the feeling state you hold will determine the frequency of the life you live.

To find out how to take some serious action steps towards your goals check this out. 

Celebrating Your Success!


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