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4 Magic Steps to Create Rapport

If you want to recruit more team members faster...

Then you've got to learn to work with Mother Nature.

Not against her.

And one key part of this is learning to create rapport.

It's just human nature, people generally prefer to be with other people whom they view as similar to themselves.

So if your prospect, at an subconscious level, gets the message that the two of you have a lot in common, the fact is...

They'll be a lot more likely to join your team.

One way this similarity, or commonality, is judged is through body language and eye contact, which work at a more or less unconscious level.

When you are creating rapport with another person, you are telling them at a subconscious level that “I am just like you”, and increasing your chances of being accepted.

Here are four simple ways to create rapport with another person.

#1 - Breathing

At the most basic level, one way of creating rapport is by simple breathing.

The next time you are together with another person, just try to match their breathing pattern.

Breathe in when they breathe in, and breathe out when they breathe out. That’s all. Practice it.

#2 - Body Language

Another simple exercise is to match another person’s body posture.

This works particularly well in business/prospecting meetings, job interviews, or negotiations.

Look at how they are sitting. What are their hands doing? Have they crossed their legs? Is their head tilted?

Try to match this posture as closely as possible. When they move, you move too.

Don’t worry that they will get angry that you are mimicking them – they won’t notice! It all happens below the level of awareness.

#3 Speaking

Once you have the breathing and body posture down pat, listen to how they talk.

Do they talk slowly and use a lot of kinesthetic words, “feeling” words? Do they speak fast and use a lot of visual imagery?

What words are they using? Try and match them for speed and word content. Use the same words as they are using.

For example, if the person you chatting with uses the word "freeway", when you would normally say "highway", use the word "freeway" in your response to them.

Or if you would normally say "team member", but they used the terminology "business builder", use their words back to them.

#4 Listening

You've probably heard the saying...

God gave you two ears and one mouth, use them proportionately.

One big mistake many networkers make is talking too much.

You feel like you've got to "sell" your prospect on your products and opportunity.

But "telling" is never creating rapport.

Instead you want to learn how to ask a question and listen.

Ask another question, and listen.

When you’re listening and creating connection, you’re showing that you respect the other person in some way, perhaps for some knowledge, talent, experience or skill they have that you don’t.

These simple exercises can help you create rapport with anyone, anytime.

They can help you meet people you want to attract, as well as be on the same wavelength with people you already know.

So if you've got a team member that you haven't really connected with, but you'd like to, try these out the next time you're speaking with that team member.

The same principles can be used in texting, messaging & emailing. Use your prospect's style and language in all of your communications with them.

The next time you are at a social event, look around and see if there’s a person that you’d like to get to know, either man or woman.

Use these four techniques and see how quickly you can create rapport with this person.

Or, the next time you are speaking with a prospect, try using these techniques.

People who are “in sync” have a better time together and create more connection than people who aren’t.

Creating rapport is really about making the other person feel comfortable and good about themselves.

It’s showing someone that you genuinely care and are interested in them as a person. It’s about being truly interestedNOT interesting.

And when you've got connection, you'll recruit more people into your business.

Now if you'd like to learn how to master this art of creating rapport and closing more prospects into team members...

Gloria MacDonald

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