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How to Maximize Your Personal Income Potential

3 Things That Will Determine How Much You Make

Would you like to make more, while doing less?

Sounds crazy.

Who wouldn't, right????

Is your team growing as quickly as you'd like it to?

Would you love to sell more of your products or services?

There are 3 things that determine your PIP (Personal Income Potential).

Today I'm going to share with you...

How to Maximize Your Personal Income Potential

Knowing and having these 3 things is what has enabled me to build a 7+ figure business in under two years.


Personally recruit 75 people in about 5 1/2 weeks and build a team of over 150 people in under 8 weeks.

In this article…

You'll learn the 3 Keys to Maximizing Your Earning Power.

Watch the video here and read below.

Do you have a message to share with the world?

You might not know exactly what it is, or how to get it out…

But you know you’ve got something unique to share.

Your Unique Message Will Determine Your…




Your PIP is based on 3 things…

#1 The Amount of Competition

As a Network Marketer and/or Affiliate Marketer…

  • What’s the barrier to entry? Money? Education/Skills?
  • How many other people are there in your network marketing or affiliate opportunity?
  • How many other network marketing and/or affiliate marketing opportunities are there?

#2 Your Ability to Impact More People

  • How can you leverage and scale your business?
  • Are you communicating one-to-many vs. one-to-one?
  • Are you able to serve multiple people at one time?
  • Or are you still really trading time for money in your prospecting & recruiting?

#3 Your Unique Message

  • In the sea of “sameness” what’s your unique message?
  • What is the message that you, and ONLY YOU, can deliver?
  • What’s your story? Your personal hero’s journey?
  • How do you turn your story into your message & your marketing?

I hate to say this, but…

The Vast Majority of Network Marketers Are Making Less Money Than a Wal-Mart Greeter Because…

They’re swimming in a sea of sameness

They’re not leveraging their time & haven’t found their unique system

They haven’t discovered their unique message.

Let’s look at a doctor’s office as an example, and how much money on average, according to Google, each position makes.

Personal Income Potential Comparison

The Receptionist has an Extremely Low PIP because there’s…

  • No barrier to entry – there’s no requirement to have any special education, or degrees to become a receptionist, so there’s lots of competition
  • No ability to scale – just trading time for dollars
  • No unique message

The Cardiovascular Surgeon has a High but LIMITED PIP because there’s…

  • High barrier to entry – there’s a requirement for a high level of education and skill set, and there’s a lot of time & money invested to get the training and experience required
  • Unique “message”/specialization
  • BUT… there’s no ability to scale. You can’t do surgeries on tens, hundreds, or thousands of people at one time. So, the surgeon is still trading time for money.

The Savvy Network/Affiliate Marketer Needs to Overcome the “No Barrier to Entry & Tons of Competition”

And Separate Yourself from The Sea of Sameness With…

  1. A Unique System, Method, or Platform
  2. The Ability to Scale Using Social Media & Ultimately Email Marketing & Text Message Marketing
  3. A Powerful Unique Story & Message

So, how do you do all three of these things?

Go to to learn how.

A Unique System, Method, or Platform

LinkedIn is still an absolute untapped Gold Mine!

LinkedIn has over 575 million users, including millions of network marketers, and…

Fewer than 50 people on the planet are actively using my LinkedIn system which is guaranteed to bring in a steady stream of highly qualified prospects.

The Ability to Scale Using Social Media & Ultimately Email Marketing & Text Message Marketing

We all know that you need to have a presence and be active on social media to get new people looking at what you have to offer.

After you get people’s attention on social media you need to be providing tons of value to draw those people to opt into your email list.

You will make far more sales and close way more people into your business with your email list than through social media.


The real powerhouse of marketing today is bulk in text messaging – with open rates of 95 - 98%.

I’m talking about building a text message list and being able to scale your business by “speaking one-to-many”.

Writing one short text message that goes out to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or more people at one time.

This is what enables the Savvy Network Marketer to have a Personal Income Potential that is MUCH higher than that of the Cardiovascular Surgeon.

Remember, the surgeon can only perform one surgery at a time. The surgeon’s PIP is high but limited.

The Savvy Network Marketer can reach tens of thousands of people with 10 minutes of “work”.

The Savvy Network Marketer’s PIP is high and unlimited.

A Powerful Unique Story & Message

“Story is the one thing that can hold a human being’s attention for hours.”


Story is one of the 3 “Secret Weapons That Will Grow Your Business”.

Neuroscientists claim that human beings spend more than 30% of their time daydreaming.


They’re reading, listening to, or watching a story unfold.

When done well story…

Combats noise and confusion.

Provides information in a way that people are compelled to listen to.

Grabs your prospect’s attention and compels them to take action!

Alfred Hitchcock said...

“A good story is life with the dull parts taken out.”

Learn the secrets to becoming a Savvy Network Marketer with a High and Unlimited Personal Income Potential HERE!

Celebrating Your Success!


Gloria MacDonald

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