How to ROCK the next 6 Months in Your Network Marketing Business. - Gloria MacDonald

How to ROCK the next 6 Months in Your Network Marketing Business.

What's Your Strategy?

You're AMAZING!!

And 2020 can be a fantastic year for you, even though it may have been pretty rough these last 4 or 5 months.

A lot of people have already thrown in the towel on 2020, but I think you're different.

I think you know that there's an incredible opportunity right now for you and your business... especially right now.


Do you have a strategy for exactly how you're going to take advantage of this unique time to grow your business?

How do you plan in these uncertain times?

Today I'm going to share with you my...

Simple 3 Step Power Strategic Planning System

This insanely easy system keeps me laser focused, highly productive and moving towards my goals and dreams even in times of change, upheaval, and uncertainty.

You know the old saying...

"A failure to plan, is a plan to fail."

Let's be sure there's none of that going on!

Watch the video and read below to get your strategic plan going to ROCK the rest of this year!

We’re already slightly more than halfway through 2020!

Let’s do a quick self-assessment.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and be really honest with yourself.

EXPERT TIP: Don’t give yourself excuses. Don’t say to yourself… “Well, my life has really been turned upside down with the kids at home, and, and, and… so I haven’t really done anything… but I’m going to give myself an 8.”

Instead, recognize that you’ve been going crazy home schooling the kids, or taking care of your grandkids more and that you haven’t been focused on your business, be honest and give yourself a 2 or 3 that you know is the truth.

This is not about judgement.  It’s about awareness and honesty.

Here’s the quick assessment.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being horrible and 10 being fantastic, how would you rate yourself in these areas:

  1. Over the last four months or so, how laser focused have you been on your business?
  2. Do you have a routine, or a schedule that works for you?
  3. How effective and efficient are you on a daily basis?
  4. How happy and satisfied are you with the results in your business?
  5. How well have you adjusted to the change and uncertainty?

I’m assuming that you didn’t just give yourself five 10’s.

If you did, see you later! Don’t even bother with the rest of this.

If you didn’t, however, stick with me.

I’m going to share a system I came up with that has made a huge difference for me.

EXPERT TIP: It’s not that successful people, leaders, don’t get thrown off and don’t experience change, challenge and uncertainty. They do!!! There’s just a difference in how they respond and react to the things life throws at them.

And that’s why now, more than ever, it’s so important to have a plan to keep you on track.

Now I have to tell you, I’m NOT a planner. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of person. I’m a “don’t cage me in” type.

And this works even for me.

One of the keys to this system is the simplicity of it. But don’t be fooled. It’s POWERFUL.

I call it my…

3x3x3 Power Strategic Planner

I always have a vision for the direction I’m heading.

However, I’ve found that things change, work out differently than the way you thought they would, or within a different timeframe than you thought they would. 

This tool gives me the ability to stay focused, while at the same time rolling with the punches.

It’s about having a strategy and a plan…

  • Over the next 3 months
  • What 3 things are you going to do or accomplish
  • And what are the 3 ways you’re going to feel when these are done.

Let’s start right now!

Grab a piece of paper and dig in!

Don’t just think about this and have it in your head. Write them down!!

STEP 1: Focus on 3 months, or a quarter, at a time. 

Focus Period: ________________ thru _______________

STEP 2: Write down the Top 3 Things you’re going to do or accomplish for this quarter ONLY. (Any strategies you have beyond 3 you can write down in Step 4)

These are not “goals”.

For example, I see a lot of network marketers creating a goal for themselves of recruiting three new team members this month because their company has a special contest going on and if they just get three new business builders they’ll get to go on the special incentive trip to Hawaii, or wherever.

GREAT! The only problem is they haven’t recruited a soul in the last two and a half years!

So, this isn’t a goal. It’s “hope-ium”

“Hope-ium” is NOT a strategy for success.

This is about creating a strategy for HOW you’re going to get the three new team members.

If new team members are what you want, EXACTLY what are you going to commit to doing to get those new team members.

Don’t make this a HUGE stretch, and something that’s going to take a massive amount of effort and commitment that you’ve never done before.

That will last for one to three days max!

Come up with three things that you honestly believe you can do over the next three months to move your business forward.

This is not about doing everything on day one.

Here are some examples:

  • Start doing live video. If you’ve never done live video, don’t make a commitment to doing it 5 days a week. It won’t happen. Keep it simple and achievable. Maybe you commit to doing 5 live videos in the next quarter.
  • Email your list. Again, if you haven’t been emailing your list don’t make a commitment to doing daily emails. Maybe you start with just one email a week.
  • Complete a program you purchased and take XXX action steps.  (Complete a course will do absolutely nothing for you if you don’t take action on what you learned.)
  • Create 30 posts you can start rotating through on social media.
  • Get Buffer, or some other scheduling tool set up and running for your social media posts.
  • Write a lead magnet and create the landing page and follow-up emails for the complete funnel.
  • Implement my 25-M-N-P strategy for LinkedIn so you can start getting leads coming in.

If you’d like to find out more about my 25-M-N-P strategy for LinkedIn and how to implement it in your business check out my 60 Minute Power Recruiting for LinkedIn program HERE. 

When you’re writing down the 3 things you’re going to do or accomplish, be sure they’re tangible and you can clearly check off that you’ve done what you said you would.

For example, if you said you wanted to become a better leader, how on earth can you measure that?

Instead, what specific steps are you going to take to become a better leader?

Are you going to…?

  • Do weekly team calls
  • Create a Facebook group for your team
  • Send a weekly team update email
  • Create a special training for your team
  • Do a weekly motivational video for your team

As you’re doing this part of the Strategic Planner, I highly recommend you think about the biggest levers in your business.

What can you do that’s going to create the biggest impact on your business? Usually with the least amount of effort.

If you have a choice between starting to email your list once a week, or create a new banner for LinkedIn, which is going to have a bigger impact on your business? (Hint: It’s NOT your new spiffy looking banner!)

STEP 3: How will you feel when you have accomplished each one of your goals? Don’t ignore this step. It’s powerful.

Take the time to write down how you will feel when you’ve completed each one of the three things in Step 2.

If one of your strategies was to do 5 live videos, how will you feel when you’ve completed that?

EXAMPLE: I’ll feel accomplished, proud, and more confident.

If one of your strategies was to email your list once a week, how will you feel when you can say that you did it?

EXAMPLE: I’ll feel like I’ve really moved my business forward, I’ll feel more organized, like I’ve made great progress.

Don’t skip this step!!!

STEP 4: Optional – List any activities or strategies that you have that didn’t make your top 3 list for this quarter. If you complete all your 3 Quarterly Activities early, you can move any of these strategies up into the current quarter. Or have them for the future quarters.

At the end of this next quarter, review how you’ve done and create a new 3X3X3 Power Strategic Planner.

This simple tool will really help you stay focused and ROCK it in your business!

If know you need a system to get Cream of the Crop Prospects reaching out to you…

And you’d like to find out more about my 25-M-N-P strategy for LinkedIn and how to implement it in your business check out my 60 Minute Power Recruiting for LinkedIn program HERE. 

Celebrating Your Success!


Gloria MacDonald

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