I can't WAIT to try this! - Gloria MacDonald

I can’t WAIT to try this!


I'm dying to try this!

A mentoring client of mine sent me an email last week with this paragraph that she copied from something from her network marketing company.

It will have a massive jump in muscle building repair and athletic prowess with significant improvement in strength, stamina, energy, growth factors, hormonal support like a person might think they are on steroids ONLY it is not an anabolic steroid but rather an immensely powerful blend of 25 ingredients all together in maximum percentages and amounts to blow the lid off anything ever before seen.

Couch Potatoes it is for you.

Older folks who had no more hope muscle size, strength, vitality, body size& functions this one is for you folks.

For everyone else [name of product] will be power on a scale to renew your body like the Thunderstorm that comes from outta nowhere.

Use with [name of another product] and oh me oh my what a young physical specimen you will be...

[Name of product] is on the fast track to come out soon. We will let you know and when we do get on your car, airplane, motorcycle, boat, horse or broom and FLY AWAY to your destiny....

Now this is DANG good copy!

It made me really chuckle when I read it.

Because even though I knew exactly what they were doing to me from a psychological prospective...

STILL can't wait to try this stuff!

I mean, you're telling me I can have "athletic prowess" AND maintain my normal couch potato lifestyle? Sign me up!

And all I have to do is take this and one other product and I'll be a "young physical specimen"? How can I get my hands on this???? LOL!!!

As one of those who is, and I hate to admit this, but... creeping into the "older folks" stage, they really hit me where it hurts.

And... they didn't leave me there. They gave me real hope.

Is your copy doing this?

Are you doing this in your live videos?

If not, you need to learn how to.

That's why I created my 30 Days to Writing Killer Emails Articles and Blogs program.

If you want to start creating eye-popping, attention grabbing headlines and subject lines that your followers HAVE to read, you'll want to check this out.

As I said yesterday, copy writing is probably the single most important skill you need to master if you want to learn how to prospect, sell, and recruit using social media and email marketing.

And heck... if you're still trying to build your business doing everything the 'old school' way, belly-to-belly...

Been there. Done that. It's HARD. This is much easier!

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Gloria MacDonald

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