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“Top SECRET” Free Facebook Strategies No One Wants You To Know About

Grow your business without paying for ads!

Are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to get any traction on Facebook?

Have you poured your hard-earned money down the drain on insanely expensive ads with ZERO results?

I get it!

Been there. Done that.

Today I'm going to share with you…

EXACTLY what I'm doing to optimize FREE strategies on Facebook.

I've never let some of these secrets out of the bag.

And I even hesitated and wondered if I should do it now, but...

I'm giving it all to you!

If you don’t know my story, before I created a 7-figure business in less than two years using totally organic strategies on LinkedIn…

I spent so much money on Facebook ads it was insane!

Well, let's be honest, the truth is I LOST so much money on ads it was crazy.

The madness had to stop!

Which is why I went on a search for organic grow strategies.

And now I'm passionate about sharing with YOU, how you can grow your business without paying a dime for advertising.

You've got choices! WATCH the video here, or Listen to the podcast here AND read more below.

Personal Profile vs. Business Page

I highly recommend using your personal profile on Facebook to grow your business organically. 

You’ll get very little traction from your business page (or fan page). 

Facebook as turned business pages into a “pay-to-play” environment.

If you’re not paying to run ads and boost posts (which I do NOT recommend) you’ll get very few views from anything you do.

I ONLY use social media for business, and if you’re serious about your business, I recommend that’s what you do too!

The strategies I’m going to share here are all about using your Facebook personal profile.

Who Are You Targeting?

Before you begin with any of these strategies, you need to decide if you’re going to use Facebook to try to get customers or team members. They are two entirely different target audiences.

Trying to use if for both becomes extremely confusing.

Are you going to position yourself as a trusted authority in network marketing, to share valuable content to build your team? 

Or are you going to position yourself as a trusted authority in your product area…

  • Plant-based/vegan lifestyle
  • Anti-aging
  • Weight loss
  • Health & wellness
  • Travel
  • Financial services
  • Legal services, etc.

Your Personal Page Banner

Use this prime real estate to give your target audience an offer for something of value, a free guide, or gift. In exchange for this they’ll need to give you their email address or opt into your text message list.

Include an arrow for people to click on your banner, or some other VERY clear call to action that will get your prospect to click on your banner.

When they click on your banner it will take them to the post that is automatically created when you upload your banner into Facebook. 

Be sure to add a description in your post with a link to your free guide, or gift. Also add a comment under the post with a bit more information and another link to where you prospect can opt into your list.

See the image below.

Featured Photo on Your Personal Page

Create a post with an image that is going to give your ideal prospects more information that will attract their attention.

Be sure to have a call to action with a link to build your email or text message list.

Choose “Edit Featured” on the left side of your page and choose the image from the post you just created.

When your prospect clicks on your featured photo the post will appear with your call to action and your link.

Building Your Friends and Your List

It’s not as simple to find your target audience on Facebook as it is on LinkedIn. However, it can be done through friends of friends and groups.

1.    Friends of friends

First you want to be “friends” with someone who has friends who are interested in the product or service you offer. This might be an influencer or has a Facebook group of people who are your target audience.

From your personal profile, click on the “Friends” tab under your banner. The list of all your friends will appear.

Find a person who is going to have friends who are in your target market. Click on their photo and go to their personal profile. 

Click on the “Friends” tab under their banner. The list of all THEIR friends will appear.

Your mutual friends will be listed first. Just scroll down until you get to people who have the blue “Add Friend” button.

You can send them a friend request, OR you can click on their photo, go to their profile and message them.

2.    Facebook Groups

Join a variety of groups that are specific to your target audience. You may or may not be able to post in these groups. Even if you can post in the groups you probably won’t be able to use any, or very many links in your posts.

What you CAN DO is…

Go to the right side of the page, at the bottom of the box that says “INVITE MEMBERS”, you’ll see the total number of members in that group.

Click on the number of members. A list of all the members in the group will open.

AT the top will be the admins and moderators of the group, then people you’re already friends with, then a whole list of people who you’re not friends with will appear.

You can send them a friend request, OR you can click on their photo, go to their profile and message them.

Simple Facebook Messaging Strategies

1.   New Friends

I only accept friend requests from prospects who are in my highly targeted audience.

Send a message to each new friend saying something like…

“It’s great to be connected here on Facebook.” 

Then offer them a free guide/gift – a lead magnet – which is something of value to your highly targeted audience.

2.   Birthday Messages

Send a birthday message to everyone who has a birthday each day, with a link to a free guide or gift. Always be sure that your gift is something of value to help them grow their business or improve their life.

From your home page, click on “Events” on the left side menu. Then click on “Birthdays”.

Do not post on their timeline. Instead, click on their name. Their banner will pop up. Then click on the message button.

3.   Special Promotion or Event Messaging

You’ll need to exercise a bit of caution and not go crazy messaging several hundred people a day with the same message. Facebook knows when you’re doing copy & paste messaging and can shut you down.

You can do 50 or so messages a day and mix your messages up a bit.

From your personal profile click on the “Friends” tab just under your banner.

All your friends will be listed. Click on their photo or name. A pop-up box will open, and you’ll be able to message them from there.

Send a message about something of value, something for free you have to offer that you think they’ll be interested in.

Always have a call to action with a link to grow your list.

Create Your Own Group or Groups

Creating your own group can be a very powerful tool.

AND… I must warn you!

Having an active group requires hundreds if not thousands of members and it takes a LOT of time and work to keep the group going.

If you do start a free group, you’ll want to collect people’s names and email addresses as part of their requirement of entry into the group. It’s a great way to build your list, and it’s not something I recommend if you’re just getting started.

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