Are You Trying To Belly Dance Your Way To Network Marketing Success? - Gloria MacDonald

Are You Trying To Belly Dance Your Way To Network Marketing Success?


Yes, that was exactly my reaction!

Belly Dancing WHAAAAAT?

You see...

I just got this email...

I literally burst out laughing.

It had all of the right "gimmicks" and headlines going on.

You've seen them all before...

The #1 Home Belly Dancing Course

Learn Belly Dancing From Home With Over 6 Hours

Finally, Here's The System To Help Anyone Learn Belly Dancing From Home and Guarantees Results with One-On-One Private Coaching...

The Easiest and Most Effective Way To Learn Belly Dancing Online!

And last, but not least... my personal favorite...

Now ANYONE Can Learn To Belly Dance Easily From Home! Go From Beginner To Expert With Over 50 Step- By-Step Videos With Private Coaching That Beats All Other Belly Dancing Classes!

I copied these headlines and the photos directly from the email for your viewing pleasure! LOL!

How the HECK I ever got on this email list is beyond me.

I have beyond zero...

And. I. Mean. ZERO...

desire to ever learn how to belly dance!

And there's a huge lesson in this for anyone and everyone in Network Marketing.

If you're anything like me, you've been trained that the entire world is your target audience.

My upline told me anyone who breathes is a prospect.


I was also trained that anyone with skin is a prospect.


That's as ridiculous as me getting this belly dancing email.

I have a belly...

so I'm a hot prospect?????

This is probably the Number 1 Reason Why So Many Network Marketers Fail.

They fail to have a clearly defined target audience.

What you really want is an targeted audience of people who already:

  1. Recognize they have a problem
  2. Are aware that there's a solution
  3. Are looking for a solution
  4. Are looking for YOUR solution

And believe it or not...

Those people are a whole lot easier to find then you might think.

And when you understand how to easily find them and communicate with them...

Well, let's just say your Network Marketing business gets a Whole-Heck-Of-A-Lot-Easier!

No lie...

You actually start experiencing REJECTION-FREE Recruiting. 

I'm personally on a mission to change to face of Network Marketing.

It pains me to see so many people struggling... and let's be real...


It doesn't have to be that way.

It just takes understanding a few key strategies.

And learning a few skills.

If you'd like to learn how to grow your business and Recruit REJECTION-FREE...check this out.

Celebrating Your Success!


Gloria MacDonald

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