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Making Choices In Life | How To Live Consciously & Create The Life & Business You Want

What choices have you made today?

We are all constantly making choices in life, whether or not we’re aware of it. In this video, I talk about how to live consciously, so that you can create the life and business you want.

You’ve been making decisions since the moment you woke up. You had to decide to get out of bed, what to wear, when to have breakfast, and what to eat. Big and small, your decisions shape your life.

Here’s one choice you don’t get to make: You can’t opt out of formulating your own destiny. If you’re alive and breathing, you’re in charge of creating your life. The question is, are you creating your life by design or by default?

As you’re making choices in life and in business, strive to be mindful of your decisions. Knowing how to live consciously makes all the difference, because you determine what kind of day you have each day.

Make a conscious decision to choose what you want today – joy and love, peace and harmony, ease and flow. Let’s say you focus on ease and flow. If something goes awry or your day doesn’t unfold the way you expected, don’t panic – just decide again.

Go back and reiterate your choice. Adjust the things you can control. Remember that your response to things is entirely up to you. No matter what’s happening around you, you can choose what comes next.

Take the reins and really tune in as you make decisions. Your life and business will be easier and more enjoyable when you learn how to live consciously. Start making choices that align with what you want to create in your life.

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