How to prospect LESS and recruit MORE… - Gloria MacDonald

How to prospect LESS and recruit MORE…


Ok, here’s the scoop…

I’m going to say something that flies in the face of everything you’ve probably been taught about recruiting and building.

This goes way AGAINST the grain of traditional network marketing approach.

Which is…

The more people you talk to, the more you’ll eventually recruit.

That’s kinda true, when you prospect every single person in sight.

But what IF there was a way to enroll much more people, with FEWER prospects?

By fishing in the “right” pond, you can.

What I’m talking about is leveraging the #1 social media network for business professionals… LinkedIn.

Folks who use it, are there for one reason only… to talk about BUSINESS.

So when you make a connection on LinkedIn, there’s no need to beat around the bush.

The right prospects are already there to connect with YOU.

And on Friday, November 24th, I will be revealing my 5-step process to find and connect with the RIGHT people… and rapidly enroll them.

The training will be LIVE and you’ll also get some nifty bonuses when you register.

==> Check it out.

Celebrating Your LinkedIn Success!


P.S. I've spent a whole bunch of time figuring this process out. Making mistakes... fine tuning... honing... so you don't have to! You can get my SECRETS here.

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