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Turn LinkedIn into an Automated Recruiting Machine

And Build Your Team While You Sleep - no joke!

How would you like to wake up to new team members that you recruited while you were sound asleep?

Sound too good to be true?

It's not.

It's happening right now!

And not just for me, but for my team members as well.

Recruiting on autopilot... literally while you sleep!

For the last four weeks I've been waking up to new team members who I recruited while I was sound asleep.

And then more sign up during the day while I’m busy doing other things.

And today I'm going to share with you...

A powerful tool, unique to LinkedIn, that can help you do this too!

You'll learn the details of a well kept secret that can skyrocket your business and alter your future!

Watch the video here and keep reading (or if you prefer a podcast, listen here)

Today I’m talking about LinkedIn’s SlideShare.

It’s an insanely powerful tool to help you build your business and it’s a tool that extremely few people know about and it’s totally underutilized.

This tool has the ability to REALLY help you stand out from the crowd, position you as a trusted authority, give you instant credibility, and build your know, like and trust factor.

So that you can have more people looking to join YOU and your team.

Which is, let’s face it, the only way you’re going to be able to grow your business to the level of success you want, so that you can experience the financial and time freedom you dream of.

SlideShare is LinkedIn’s learning and presentation platform.

You can use it to share:

  • Presentations (PDF’s & PowerPoint files)
  • Documents (PDF’s & Word files)
  • Infographics (PDF files)
  • Videos (that you embed from your LinkedIn Feed)

 So how is this going to help you build your business?

Let’s think about what you can share on SlideShare.

According to LinkedIn…

“SlideShares that inform, inspire and educate attract the most views.”

Here are some ideas.

How-to guides: What are you good at? What do you know? Share your information. 


  • How to Create Powerful Social Media Posts in Under 20 Minutes
  • 3 Simple Changes to Lose Weight and Feel Great in 10 Days
  • How to Recruit on Auto-pilot
  • How to Boost Sales & Increase Customer Retention

Industry Trends & Updates: Do some research on Google and find out what the latest news and trends are in the network marketing industry, or share the results of a new study on weight lose, health and wellness, or the effects of stress on well-being.

Choose something that has to do with either the network marketing industry, or a particular product, or product line of your company.

Create a few PowerPoint Slides with great images and/or graphics and upload them to SlideShare.

Be sure to have a call-to-action on your last slide with a link that will take the viewer to more information, or a way to get in touch with you.

Life and Network Marketing HACKS: 

Come up with 5 -10 “Prospecting & Recruiting Hacks”, these can be simple quick tips. Create one PowerPoint slide per tip and upload it to Slide Share.

Leadership Tools and Advice:

Do some research, watch some YouTube videos and create things like…

  • 9 Ways to Position Yourself As A Leader In Your Network Marketing Team
  • 3 Powerful Leadership Lessons for Network Marketers
  • The 5-Step System for Powerful & Effective Team Meetings

Surveys & Quizzes:

Create a survey or quiz to peek your prospect’s attention and get them thinking. The person asking the questions, believe it or not, is usually in charge.

Create a PowerPoint presentation with one question per slide with multiple choice answers. 

At the end give a call-to-action, with something like, “To find out how to have a steady stream of highly qualified prospects coming to you regularly, book your FREE LinkedIn Business Breakthrough Session Here: [Link to your online calendar]

Here are some ideas:

  • QUIZ: What kind of Network Marketer are You?
  • QUIZ: What’s Your Social Media Attractor Factor?
  • SURVEY: Your Personal Health Assessment
  • SURVEY: Your Vitality & Well-Being Index

Data & Stats: People love little snippets of surprising, shocking or interesting information.

You can create a Word document, a Power Point presentation, or some infographics in the form of a PDF in Canva with fact and figures your audience would find interesting.

Use this information to show people why they want to be thinking about a business opportunity.

  • Information on the average household income, the number of people working from home, the average retirement savings, the average amount of debt, etc.

Case Studies: Share people’s results from being in your business or using your product.

Results. Results. Results. Nothing speaks as powerfully as actual RESULTS.

  • Create a series of 5 – 7 images of before and after pictures of weight lose results, or skin care results.
  • Use a series of slides that have real people’s photos and quotes that are testimonials.
  • Create a series of slides that are a story. Use real pictures of a real person or people. Example: “Meet Sue. When I met Sue she was…(tell the story of how Sue was struggling with whatever problem or challenge she had). Sue started doing/using XXX. (Tell the story of Sue’s journey, include some ups and downs if they really happened.) Now Sue is… (tell the story of Sue’s triumph over her struggle.)
  • Share the story of a top leader in your company. Make it real.

Lists: Turn your tips and ideas into lists.

Do some Google research on “top tips for XXX”. Compile a list of ideas from various mentors, videos, free guides. Turn these into lists.

Create a PowerPoint presentation, a PDF in Canva, or a great looking Word doc with things like:

  • 11 Tips to Kick-Start Your Prospecting & Recruiting
  • My 7 Favorite Free Guides for Network Marketers
  • 4 Simple Steps to Get More Prospects & Recruit More Team Members
  • 8 Power Foods Your Body Needs to Burn Fat
  • 5 Easy Habits to Reduce Stress & Feel GREAT
  • 6 Essential Oils You Can’t Live Without

You want to make these short and sweet and leave your prospect looking for more info. 

EXPERT TIP: ALWAYS give a call-to-action at the end so your prospect can get more information and you can get them booking a call with you, opting into your email list, or even better, opting into your text message list.

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Recipes are always great to share if they tie into your business.

Only share one recipe at a time, because you want your prospect to sign-up for more great recipes by giving them a link to a landing page where they can opt-in for all 7 recipes, for example.

Create several slides or PDF images for your recipe. Have great images on your slides.

Here’s an example:

Slide 1: A great image of the dish/recipe, or an image of the cover of your full recipe book.

Slide 2: Tell them why you love this recipe, how easy it is to make, why it’s so good for you, why your kids will love it, etc.

Slide 3: List of ingredients

Slide 4: Preparation and cooking instructions

Slide 5: Call-to-action to get the full recipe book.

EXPERT TIP: Always be providing value & always be building your list!

Here’s how to upload into SlideShare.

Step 1: Create a simple PowerPoint, Word document, PDF in Canva, or even a video that you’ve uploaded into your LinkedIn newsfeed.

Step 2: Go to https://slideshare.net

Step 3: If you’re not already logged into LinkedIn, you can log in through SlideShare in the top right corner.

Step 4: Click the “Upload” button on the top right corner.

Step 5: Select the file you want to upload.

Step 6: Add a Title and a Description. 

Choose a category from the drop-down menu. 

Select the Privacy setting you want, which would usually be Public. 

Add Tags. 

And hit Publish.

Step 7: Copy the link to your new SlideShare in the top left of the navigation bar and share it in a post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, in an email to your list, and to your text message list.

EXPERT TIP: Go to https://slideshare.net in the search bar at the top enter “Network Marketing” and see examples of what other people have done before you get started.

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