How Brutally Honest Are You With Your Prospects? - Gloria MacDonald

How Brutally Honest Are You With Your Prospects?

Have you ever had a prospect ask you some variation of…

“It sounds good, so if I do what you’re telling me, I can really do this and make a boatload?”

Now, even though network marketing companies make the business sound really appealing, the cold hard truth is…

Most people are NOT cut out to be entrepreneurs.

You and I both know this.

So the question is, should you be brutally honest about this with your prospects?

When someone asks you “whether they can do this”…

Do you tell them upfront how challenging this business can be?

That most people will NOT be interested because they have ZERO entrepreneurial drive?

And the fact that you need to be one tough cookie, to handle the massive flow of rejection that’s going to be DUMPED on you by friends, relatives, co-workers and for some... even close family members?

So... do you skirt the issue and bite your lip?


Do you run the risk of totally scaring them off the moment you reveal all this?

You see, the reason so many people never make it, has nothing to do with how ‘tough’ this business is. EVERY business is tough. There isn’t a single one that doesn’t have challenges.

And most people simply don’t have the mindset, determination and perseverance to plow through them.

Which is one of the reasons why people quit on you. Even after they tell you how excited, motivated and hungry for success they are.

And then at the sign of the first difficulty, many tuck their tails between the legs and run, forgetting all about their big goals and dreams of conquering the world and doing something great.

Truth is…

It takes a RARE person to play this game and become a successful entrepreneur.

And since that’s the case…

Why spin your wheels and waste your time, effort and energy going after the WRONG people… when there are scores of business minded folks waiting to hear from you?

They’re not sitting around coffee shops waiting for someone to prospect them, or hanging out online waiting for an invitation to a webinar about your opportunity.

But there is a way to target these perfect prospects.

And it’s all revealed inside step by step training.

Celebrating Your Success!


Gloria MacDonald

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