Cracking the LinkedIn Code for Network Marketers - Gloria MacDonald

Cracking the LinkedIn Code for Network Marketers

Prospecting can be simple and easy... but you gotta know the secrets.

In surveying over 3,000 Network Marketers, one of the biggest challenges they face is not knowing where and how to find people to talk to about their opportunity.

Fortunately, I've "Cracked the LinkedIn Code" on prospecting for Network Marketers.

And I'm sharing the things you need to know and keep your eyes on.

EXTREMELY few people know and understand how to use LinkedIn effectively.

That's why I'm revealing this code to get the algorithm working for you. It's understanding this code that has enabled me to create a 7-figure business in under two years.

I'm going to show you...

  • The 6 stats you need to keep your eye on (these literally tell you how the LinkedIn algorithm is work for you)
  • The 4-step daily prospecting action plan
  • And the 3 tools you'll want to use to tie this all together

One of the many reasons why I LOVE LinkedIn is because LinkedIn tells you what you need to do to get the algorithm working in your favor. AND…they even give you daily stats that show you exactly how you’re doing on this front.

It’s called your Social Selling IndIf you haven’t checked yours out, this is where you go to see it:

The higher your Social Selling Index is the more LinkedIn will serve your profile, your posts, videos and articles to people. 

BOTTOM LINE: MORE of your prospects will see you the higher your SSI is.

This translates, over time into…

  • MORE Sales
  • MORE Team Members
  • And MORE Money

Watch the video for all the info by CLICKING HERE.

And GRAB the 60 Minute Power Recruiting Program for LinkedIn to put this into action today.

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Gloria MacDonald

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