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Monetize Pinterest To Build Your Network Marketing Business

Pinterest isn’t just for recipes, weddings, and crafts.

And if you think it is, you're missing out...


In this video, I talk about an alternative purpose of Pinterest – how learning to monetize Pinterest can be a boon for your business.

If you’re a network marketer or affiliate marketer, Pinterest can help you attract prospects, sell products, and recruit team members.

I recently polled several hundred network marketers, and I learned that only 10.7% of those polled are currently using Pinterest.

It seems Pinterest is misunderstood.

Many believe that it’s aimed exclusively at women (not so, as 40% of all new Pinterest users are men) or that it’s another social media platform.

Here’s the truth...

The main purpose of Pinterest is to act as a search engine, much like Google.

Unlike social media platforms, Pinterest expects that people will search and find something interesting and will leave the site to follow a link elsewhere.

So how do you start Profiting with Pinterest?

People who click on your pins are redirected to your LinkedIn articles or Facebook videos, where they become prospects.

The purpose of Pinterest for you as a network marketer is to act as a funnel, directing people from Pinterest to your sales page, where you can offer free content or special offers.

Pinterest is also the perfect partner for your LinkedIn content.

Since LinkedIn actively serves your articles to your audience, you reach a way more people than with your website or blog alone.

Now, you may be saying, “I don’t do content.”

I’ve got a special offer for you: Grab Hannah Gorvin’s Profiting with Pinterest program and you’ll also get nearly unlimited, done-for-you content by me.

See what I mean in this video.

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Celebrating Your Success!


P.S. I'm having a BLAST with Pinterest! It's fun. It's easy. And I'm growing my audience FAST!

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