I've been sneaking around behind his back... - Gloria MacDonald

I’ve been sneaking around behind his back…

My husband's that is.

It's been going on for a couple of years now.

I hate to admit it, but...

I plan it all out very carefully.

Wait 'til I'm absolutely certain he's not going to be around to catch me.

I do feel a little bit guilty, but...

I know it's better this way.

Because I don't want him to ever find out...


I put peas in the guacamole!

Yep. It's healthier that way.

Gets some protein in there.

But seriously...

Do you ever feel like you're sneaking around behind someone's back with your business?

Maybe you don't want your husband, wife, partner, or some other family member to know how much money you're spending on programs, courses, or company events?

Maybe you're waaaaaay in the hole in terms of how much money you've spent on your business vs. how much you've made?

I know.

I've been there.

Peas in the guacamole are the least of my "little secrets"!

Of course it's easy now.

I don't have to sneak around at all, because the mo.neey is rolling in.

And honestly...

That's the very best solution I know of.

Get your business going so it's a piece of cake, and you don't have to think twice about what you do and don't share with your friends and family.

And if you want to know EXACTLY how I've done it...

Check this out.

Celebrating Your Success!


P.S. I was chatting with a coaching client of mine last week, and I shared with her that I'm not doing anything different than what I'm teaching. So you can do this too! But there are definitely some things you need to learn.

P.P.S. The guacamole last night was very tasty... and he still doesn't know. LOL!!!

Gloria MacDonald

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