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Overcoming Barriers To Success

We all experience barriers to success, which we often solidify into our personal boundaries. However, by making small shifts in your thinking, you can break through these imaginary boundaries and get your business expansion ideas off the ground.

The other day, I was typing on my computer and for a moment I began to type nonsense. I realized that my fingers were on the wrong keys and I needed to shift them over just a little bit in order to start writing correctly.

The one small shift that I made turned a soup of letters into something that made sense. This is a great metaphor for the process of making progress and implementing your business expansion ideas.

Often, it seems like nothing is working and that to overcome our barriers to success we need a really BIG idea. However, this isn’t the case.

We all have imaginary boundaries that we think we’re stuck behind but these boundaries are self-created. To overcome them, you really need to keep these four things in mind, which are outlined in the book, You2.

First, stop trying hard. When I made my own breakthrough, I stopped trying to come up with a brilliant idea and found the answer right in front of me.

Second, think beyond what common sense would allow. Don’t put a box around your ideas. Don’t create your own barriers to success.

Third, make your move before you’re ready. We’re always preparing. I got started even though not everything was perfectly in order.

And lastly, look inside for your opportunity. The best business expansion ideas will always come from within. Once you know where to look, your breakthrough will be right around the corner.

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