10X Your Network Marketing Business with ALL NEW LinkedIn Features - Gloria MacDonald

10X Your Network Marketing Business with ALL NEW LinkedIn Features

HUGE Changes = HUGE Opportunities for YOU to 10x Your Business!

On Tuesday this week LinkedIn announced incredible changes to what you can do with Messaging.

This is a breakthrough and is totally changing my strategy for how to use LinkedIn and what I teach.

Today I'm going to share what's new and the impact it can have on your business.

Now's the time for you to Take ACTION on this!!!

I'll explain...

  • the new features and why they're HUGELY beneficial to you and your business
  • my new strategy for using LinkedIn to prospect & recruit
  • PLUS...How to OPTIMIZE LinkedIn for Product Sales!

 Hint: "It's all about the groups, baby!"



This week LinkedIn announced…

“Based on member feedback, we have invested in improving the ways that our members can engage in meaningful conversations within safe and healthy communities like yours. [Groups]

In our latest update to Groups, members will be able to easily message anyone in the group without message limits, and will have the flexibility to control which messages they accept or privately decline. Members will receive a notification about their message requests just like they would with a regular message and continue the conversation with a single click of "accept".”

This update dramatically increases the power of this platform for Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Coaches and most home-based business owners.

If you haven’t tapped into the power of groups on LinkedIn you need to!

 And you need to do it NOW!

I’ve always said that the use of messaging on LinkedIn is the single most effective thing you can do for prospecting and recruiting.

WARNING: It’s not messaging anyone and everyone with links to your company’s opportunity video.

Let’s face it, if sharing your company opportunity video with tons of people was what it took to be successful, virtually 100% of network marketers would be rich.

But they’re not, and I would strongly recommend you ditch your company videos.

I know that might sound controversial and shocking to some of you.

But in the words of Dr. Phil… “How’s it working for you?”

What the New Messaging in Groups Does for You

Previously on LinkedIn, you’ve only been able to message (for free) people who you’re connected with. And you’re limited to 30,000 connections. (This might not sound like much of a limit, but as someone who’s reached this limit in just 3 years, I can tell you, you’ll get there fast if you’re diligent and consistent.)

NOW, with these new changes to groups… you’re able to message anyone in a group you’re a member of, whether the other member is a connection or not.

And when you use the messaging feature in groups, it shows you if the person is a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level connection.

THE IMPACT: You now have a way to get your personal message delivered to FAR more people! People who you’re not even connected with!

EXPERT TIP: If you want to really stand out from the crowd and be a leader, use the voice messaging in groups from the LinkedIn app on your phone.


Be a Strategic and Skilled Online Marketer

 All the new messaging capability is GREAT…

AND, you need to be strategic and skilled about how you use it.

STEP 1: Join Highly Targeted Groups

For prospecting and recruiting purposes, you want to target people who have a proven interest in what you have to offer.

If you’re a network marketer, wanting to build a team, the only people who have a proven interest in building a network marketing business are network marketers.

That may be controversial to some of you, but it’s a fact.

So, join highly target groups of network marketers.

STEP 2: Provide Valuable Content in the Group

At least 2 – 3 times a week (if not daily) do a post, video, or article in the group that provides tips, ideas, and information on how to build a network marketing business.

This will position you as a leader and build the Know-Like-Trust factor.

Do NOT post information about your company and your company’s products. 

There’s nothing that will turn other network marketers off more than you spamming your opportunity and products!

STEP 3: Have a Call-To-Action & Build Your Email List

Every post, video and article you do should have a call-to-action with a link to a landing page (opt-in page/squeeze page) where your prospect enters their name and email address to get access to a free guide, a check list, a webinar, a mini-course, or something else of value to help them.

This is how you build your email list and start to become an online marketer.

EXPERT TIP: If you’ve learned nothing else from this time of social distancing and self-isolation, hopefully you’ve learned that you can’t just be a network marketer any longer. You need to be an online marketer as well. 

The network marketers who master the skills of online marketing will survive and THRIVE. Those who don’t, will be left behind.

You need to either know how to build funnels, or have a totally built “done-for-you” system, like you get access to with my 60 Minute Power Recruiting Program for LinkedIn.

STEP 4: Message Members of Your Highly Targeted Groups

Send a personalized message to other group members saying…

“Hi First Name,

It’s great to connect with other members of the ABC Group.

I’ve found LinkedIn to be a super powerful place to build your business and grow your team.

I wanted to share with you a FREE Guide I’ve found that’s loaded with great tips for network marketers on how to use LinkedIn.

You can grab it here: [INSERT YOUR LINK]

P.S. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to chat. Here’s a link to my online calendar if you’d like to set up a time to connect.”

When you message people with something of value to help them with their needs it positions you as a trusted authority.

How to OPTIMIZE LinkedIn for Product Sales!

Up until now, I have been recommending that you focus your efforts on LinkedIn for prospecting and recruiting team members. I’ve recommended, and still do, that your LinkedIn profile page is really a sales page for how you can help network marketers build their businesses.

NOWbecause you can message people in groups…

You can still follow the strategy I’ve been successfully using and teaching for recruiting…

AND… you can also join groups of people who have the potential to be interested in your products.

If you have a weight loss product… there are 2,309 groups on LinkedIn for “Weight Loss”

If you have vegan/plant-based products… there are 291 “Vegan” groups, and there are 463 “Plant based” groups on LinkedIn.

If you have a product that’s anti-aging… there are 835 “Anti-aging” groups on LinkedIn.

If your product helps people with diabetes… there are 1,318 groups that relate to “Diabetes”.

Groups Are The NEW Hidden Gem & The Best Kept Secret of LinkedIn!

You’ll be shocked at the groups you can find on LinkedIn on virtually any topic.

Follow the same 4-Step Strategy outlined above for being

a Strategic and Skilled Online Marketer, and this time do it for your product sales.

To learn more about how to optimize these strategies and get access to totally built “done-for-you” funnels…

Grab the 60 Minute Power Recruiting Program for LinkedIn NOW! 

Celebrating Your Success!

Because You ARE Amazing, Genius & Divine,


Gloria MacDonald

Teaching Network Marketers & Entrepreneurs How To UNLEASH The Power Of LinkedIn To Build Your Business & Grow Your Team