The "Amazon Effect"​ & How You Can Maximize It In Your Network Marketing Business - Gloria MacDonald

The “Amazon Effect”​ & How You Can Maximize It In Your Network Marketing Business

He’s the richest man in the world. His estimated net worth is $115 billion, and Jeff Bezos can be your best friend... or your archrival!

You decide.

No matter what, we have to credit him with being a visionary and creating the world’s largest online shopping platform. He’s created the Google of online shopping. And he’s changed the way we buy.

And now, with a huge percentage of the population working from home, and in some type of social distancing, self-isolation, or even quarantine, online shopping is on a surge.

More people at home = More online shopping.

Let's face it, our lives, and our shopping patterns will never be same.

On March 16, 2020 Amazon announced that they are looking to hire 100,000 new employees for its warehouse and delivery operations in the U.S. to keep up with demand during the current situation.

AND… you can find virtually any network marketing company’s products on Amazon, and sometimes at a reduced price.

It’s not just distributors who are acting against corporate policies. 

I reported in December that a wide variety of network marketing companies are working with Amazon to put their products on the platform. And if you’re a top earner, you’ll get to share in a percentage of the company’s profits from Amazon sales.

There’s no point fighting it.

The "Amazon Effect" is real, and it's impacting your business in a big way!

The only question is, are you leveraging this effect, or is it crushing you?

Let’s talk about what you can do to catch this wave!

Today I'm going to share...

My hot of the press tips on how to grab your share of that "online shopping pie".

You'll get...

  • ideas on new social media posts to gain more views
  • a new twist on a tried, tested and true strategy for these times
  • and some powerful sales boosting & customer retention "scripts"

Watch the video here. Or listen to the podcast here. And keep reading!

Learn from the best!

Let’s start by taking a look at what Amazon is doing.

They’ve taken some heat recently, especially in a CNN Special Report that interviewed a variety of ex-employees who complained about working conditions.

So, what are they doing?

Have you seen their TV ads recently? 

They’re putting a face on their company. They’re showing human beings working at Amazon. They’re “humanizing” and “individualizing” a huge corporation.

Model what Amazon is doing!

It’s time to “humanize” and put a face on your business.

How do you do you do this?

Literally put YOUR FACE on social media. Show that you’re a small, home-based business owner. 

Put pictures of yourself working from home.

And above all DO LIVE VIDEO!!!

Social Media Posting Strategies

  • Start creating some posts about how you can support small business owners in this time.
  • Share ideas on how you’re supporting small businesses.
  • Give stats on the number of small business owners there are and how they’ve been hit.
  • Talk about the impact of small businesses on the economy.
  • Ask people what they’re doing to support small business owners.
  • Talk about all the benefits of being a home-based business owner.
  • Give stats on the number of people who have lost their jobs.
  • Ask who is working remotely now because their office/workplace has been temporarily closed.
  • Ask who has had a pay cut, reduced hours, or has lost their job, or has a friend or family member who is experiencing financial difficulty due to this situation.

Comment on all comments you get to your posts. Then connect with and personally message those individual.

PRO HACK: Connect with fellow network marketers who are NOT in your company. Support each other by doing posts recommending the other person’s product/or products and give a link to their distributor sales page.

Ideally you want to do this with people who don’t have the same products you do.

A New Twist On A Tried, Tested And True Strategy For These Times

Create a survey. 

This is super simple to do using a free tool like

Ask about online shopping.

If you have a supplement, include a variety of questions about shopping for food online, and also include one about buying supplements.

Same with skincare, coffee, tea, any product.

Create a survey around shopping patterns for a family of products or services and be sure to include one of the products you sell.

Then email people who have responded to your survey giving them some online shopping tips and share how you can help them.

Provide a link to the sales page for the particular product you’re promoting.

Powerful Sales Boosting & Customer Retention "Scripts"

Reach out personally to every one of your current and past customers.

Be human.

Ask them how they’re doing.

And say…

“I know things are crazy right now, and with all of us doing our best to stay safe and help protect each other, is there anything I can do to help you by ordering some product that can be delivered to you?”

Share a new product, or know that they always purchase a particular product and suggest an order of that.

If you’ve got protein shakes, or any other kinds of food products, offer to make a portion of their food shopping easier and recommend a new flavor of protein shake, or a protein bar.

Above All Support Your Fellow Network Marketers!

If you need to buy anything, ask yourself, “Can I buy this from another network marketer.”

Practice what you preach! Walk your talk!

To help you be more effective with the sales conversation…

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