Are You Prospecting & Recruiting the Costco Way? - Gloria MacDonald

Are You Prospecting & Recruiting the Costco Way?

I don't understand how it happens...

I go in with a list of just 7 things.

It's going to be a REALLY quick trip.

In and out.

$356.72 later...

Those Costco gremlins got me again!

Ever happen to you?

What is it about Costco?

Well, I'll tell ya...

First there's the great deal that you can't resist.

You don't neeeeeeeeeeed 8 of them, but...

They're right there...

And it's such a good price...

And you'll use them.

Then there's the scarcity...

"I better get them while they're here.

They could be out next time."

This one just happened to me on Saturday.

They had the Swarovski Christmas ornaments out.

Had to get one for my mother-in-law.

They sell out fast ya know! (Yes, it's still September.)

Then there's the taste test.

Never, I repeat, never, go to Costco on a weekend on an empty stomach! LOL!!


Those Costco gremlin's will get 'cha!

They got me on Saturday.

There I was innocently strolling down the aisle when this guy giving out the free samples FORCED me (not) to take one.

Now these are pure health food!

Just look...

Organic. Non-GMO.

Dark chocolate.

Lots of anti-oxidants in dark chocolate.

So here's the lesson and the question.

Are you promoting your Network Marketing opportunity the way Costco does?

If not, I can guarantee you, you're losing hot prospects.

And probably lots of them.

Now despite the name...

The vast majority of networkers are not actually marketers.

Because we weren't trained in the art and science of marketing.

And, in my experience, "marketing" is a TON easier than "selling".

And it's a whole lot faster way to build your business and grow your downline.

See, selling is pretty much one-to-one.

Marketing on the other hand is one-to-many.

And it can be extremely effective.

But you have to know how to do it.

And without blowing your brains out on expensive advertising.

So if you'd like to know how I've been able to build a multiple 5-figure a month business, from scratch, in less than a year...

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