How to whizzzzz up the ranks in your MLM... - Gloria MacDonald

How to whizzzzz up the ranks in your MLM…

Not too long ago I was traveling and at the airport on my way home.

The security line looked outrageously long.

Not exaggerating...

HUNDREDS of people lined up.

Normally panic would have set in.

Am I going to get through fast enough?

Will I make my flight?

Can I get to the gate on time?

Ever had this experience?

Well, not me anymore!

I now have my handy-dandy "Trusted Traveler" card.

No more long line ups.

No more taking your shoes off.

No more dragging your computer out.

I just whizzzzzzzz through security right by everyone else standing in line.


It was a minor pain in the neck to have to complete the application form, go get finger-printed and have the interview.

But in the long run...

It's saved me TONS of time and aggravation.

And I have to ask myself why I didn't do it sooner.

I can think of quite a few things that have ended up being incredibly useful, and saved me a bunch of time, effort, and money...

But for one reason or another I dragged my feet "getting with the program".

One of the biggest things for me was dragging my feet using social media to effectively grow my business.

I was raised on all the belly-to-belly, old school ways of prospecting and recruiting.

Funny thing is...

Just like that line-up at security...

It was taking way too long and wasn't really working any more.

Why wait so long?


Something everyone does… even when we KNOW it’s in our best interest to change.

Kinda like building your network marketing business with stomach churning prospecting methods… and loads of rejection and disappointment...

Instead of leveraging the internet to automate your prospect getting machine...

Eliminate rejection…

And enroll people into your business with ease!

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