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7 Attitudes of Highly Successful Networkers

Years ago I owned a highly personalized matchmaking service.

Yes! A dating service.

Recently I got to thinking about how much of what I learned from those old days in the matchmaking business relate to building a successful Network Marketing business... LOTS!

Here's the introduction I wrote way back then, for a program I created called "The 7 Attitudes of Highly Successful Daters".

I've added in pieces so you can see how it relates to Network Marketing.

Here you go...

Recently, I was talking to a friend who had just been to an event at a spa specializing in non-surgical facelifts. She said she was amazed by the conversations among the women and the constant negative comments about men. One woman in particular was so pessimistic about her ex, and men in general, that my friend said “forget about a facelift, she needs a MindLift!”

As the owner of a dating service, I’ve interviewed hundreds and hundreds of single men and women, and have heard all kinds of bad date stories. I talk to people, especially women, who are discouraged, frustrated, and depressed about the dating process and the prospects of ever finding their perfect partner. Many of these women are still hanging on to negative feelings about their ex.

So, as the owner of your network marketing business, have you spoken to seemingly TONS of people about your opportunity and gotten discouraged, frustrated, and depressed about the possibilities of ever getting to that dream of financial freedom?

Quite a number of years ago I started to study the difference between people who were disheartened, negative, and unsuccessful in the dating process and people who had hope, were encouraged and were ultimately successful in finding their perfect partner. 

 I discovered that there are seven attitudes that seem to make people successful in dating and relationships (and, frankly, probably anything in life!) People who are successful have had a “MindLift”. People who haven't been successful need one.

 Here are the 7 Attitudes of Highly Successful Daters [Networkers]:

Attitude #1 – Open-mindedness 

Is your mind open enough to see the possibility of love [success] coming from a source and/or in a manner that you might not have expected?

Maybe your company and/or your upline has a "system" that just hasn't worked for you. Are you open to the idea that there are other ways to build your business that might be more suited to you, your lifestyle, personality, etc.?

Attitude #2 – Belief in the Possibility

Do you believe you truly can have a sustainable happy, fulfilling, loving relationship [successful business]?

I can guarantee you, that if you don't believe it's possible, no matter how hard you work, and no matter how hard you try, you won't be successful. Success is 100% mental.

Attitude #3 – Suspending Judgment (The 3-Date Rule) 

Do you jump to conclusions about someone you meet within the first few seconds, or do you give them, and really yourself, a chance? 

Isn't that a great question to ask yourself when you're looking a prospects for your business? How often to you "write someone off" because they're too successful and they'd never be interested? They're too busy? Don't have enough money? Etc., etc., etc.

Attitude #4 – Honoring

Mission first, team second, individual third. Do you honor your mission (goal) enough not to give up? Do you honor your team (the person you're going on a date with [your prospect], to not think of them as a "jerk, looser, etc.”? Do you honor yourself enough to really believe that you’re worthy of being loved [successful]?

Attitude #5 Enjoyment and Celebration

Can you find something to enjoy and celebrate in every situation, even if you’ve been rejected or had a bad blind date [had someone no show, or say no to your opportunity]?

Attitude #6 Patience

Will you allow the dating process [prospecting & recruiting process] to take its course and not give up if you get discouraged?

Attitude #7 Acceptance

Are you ready, willing and able to accept love in all the ways it’s given, from the smallest compliment, kind word, or cup of coffee to a full blown love affair?

 Are you ready, willing and able to accept success in all the ways you experience it, from making a new connection, getting a new lead, a new prospect, having a great conversation - even if it appears to go nowhere, making the smallest sale, to signing up a new team member at the highest level?

Give yourself the gift of a MindLift for successful dating [Network Marketing]. Embrace these seven attitudes and see how they can change your life and your business.

Celebrating Your Success!


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