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The 4-Step LIVE Video Success Formula – PLUS Brand New Never-Fail Video Scripts

Are you using the LIVE Video Success Formula?

There are common mistakes I see Network Marketers, and plenty others, making in their videos all the time.

These mistakes are causing them to lose valuable and precious views, engagement and SALES.

If you're not using the Simple 4-Step Formula I'm going to share with you today, you're probably making these mistakes and MISSING OUT!

If you want to have a whole new sense of confidence and comfort and know your LIVE videos are hitting the mark, and actually producing results...

You need to know this formula.

I'm also going to share my brand new Never-Fail Video Scripts.

You can use these scripts for anything.

Just plug in your own product or service and... magic!

You'll see just how powerful these scripts are and how you'll never have to worry about what to say again.

Put an end to stumbling and fumbling and feel comfortable and confident doing LIVE Video TODAY.

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There’s a proven and simple formula that’s well-known in the professional speaking world.

And it works like a charm when you’re doing live video. I just add in one additional step to give your videos the power-packed punch you want.

Step 1 – Tell them what you’re going to tell them.

Step 2 – Tell them.

Step 3 – Call To Action (this is the added step)

Step 4 – Tell them what you told them and repeat the call to action.

And don’t forget the sage advice from politicians everywhere… “If you want the public to hear you once, you have to tell them 99 times.”

3 Things You Need To Know Before You Start A LIVE Video

#1 – What are you going to talk about in your video? What journey are you going to take your viewers on? What story are you going to tell?

Have an outline in your head or on paper of what information, inspiration, or story you’re going to share.

Know the direction you’re going and what the point of the video is.

#2 - What’s your Call-To-Action going to be? 

What will you be asking your viewers to do?

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90% or more of your videos should have a call to action.

#3 - How do you introduce yourself?

Don’t start your video with “my name is…” because your audience doesn’t really care who you are. SHOCKING… I know!

They care about why they should spend valuable minutes of their life listening to you.

Start your videos telling your prospect what value you’re going to deliver.

Then introduce yourself.

You should have a standard intro down pat that just rolls off your tongue.

Here’s the formula:

I’m [YOUR NAME] and I help/coach/mentor [WHO/Your Target Audience] get [what benefits and how].

EXAMPLE: I’m Ann Smith and I help people who want to lose weight [Target Audience] shed those excess pounds without having to give up chocolate. [get what benefits and how].

EXAMPLE: I’m John Jones and I help people who want to retire with financial freedom [Target Audience] 10X their income from home. [get what benefits and how].

Now with this background you can easy plug ‘n play with my…

Brand new Never-Fail Video Scripts.

These are different templates to use in a variety of ways.

These also can be used for powerful emails, article and blogs.

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