He’s out to DESTROY your team! - Gloria MacDonald

He’s out to DESTROY your team!

... and one by one, this deadly force knocks people off their game, and causes you to lose good teammates.

I bet you’ve met the evil bastard.

His name is self-doubt.  One of the TWO biggest reasons why people quit network marketing and give up on their dreams.

Most people simply don't believe they can do it. Now, here’s the thing…

Hardly anyone will never say it, but it's smack dab in the middle of their head.

They think about it all the time. And it's pulling on them. Silently whispering into their ear, planting seeds of doubt.

It's also the reason why many won't join your business.

But even when they do, it keeps them from sticking around long-term.

The other BIG reason?

Lack of results.

Which only feeds their existing lack of belief

Here's what happens...

They make a list of their friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and everyone they’ve met since kindergarten…

They call them up and even meet with some, and then, reality slaps them in the face, as they hear the most painful word in the world… ”NO".

And each "NO" they get continues to fuel their already existing lack of belief in themselves.

"See, I knew no one would join and that I wouldn't be any good at this."

And let me just say...

Even if you are one tough cookie, and hustle your way through all the rejection and disappointment...

I GUARANTEE you, most of your team never will.

They'll fall by the wayside and vanish into the ether, much faster than all the time you spent trying to find them.

I've had this happen over and over and over again.

So this just theory.

It's a vicious cycle that kills the spirit and crushes the drive and ambition of many eager and willing network marketers.

So how do you stop it?

By arming your team with a REAL game plan for finding prospects.

And a predictable system for converting them into recruits, sales, and cash in the bank.

I promise you, hardly anyone is going to quit when they get results.

Don't you think?

And the moment they do (get results)…

Their belief in the business and the ability to be successful in it shoots through the roof.

Here's how...

Chat soon,


Gloria MacDonald

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