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4 Steps to Build True Loyalty in Your Network Marketing Team

One of the major keys to building a big team and a thriving organization is loyalty.

Recruiting and developing a team without it, is a house built on sand.

It’s not something you create in an instant. Relationships require a little elbow grease to build and trust takes time to earn.

So today I'm going to reveal...

5 steps you can take to create true loyalty in your business.

If you want to reap real rewards from network marketing, don’t take this stuff lightly.

You simply cannot build an organization without loyalty

And you also can’t have loyalty for loyalty’s sake—you can’t demand loyalty like a dictator. Loyalty needs to be earned.

It has to be earned through your giving to others. Being there for them.

This is how you grow a loyal team (even when your company will have its own ups and downs).

And the practical side of the equation is this…

You need your own training and marketing systems that actually help people get RESULTS.

Because loyalty can’t be based on hype, guilt, or a cult-like environment.

As long as you’re making a concerted effort to add value to your team—helping your team members get results for themselves—then they will feel like you’re genuinely trying your best (and thus stick around).

So how do you do that?

Great question!

1. Provide Value Everyday

You must invest your personal time to train your team.


You need to bring value to other people’s lives, daily.

Take me, for instance…

I do a Facebook Live everyday on my fanpage. I upload it to YouTube, and post it on LinkedIn.

And I also do a post like this everyday.

Why do I do this?

Because the feedback I get is awesome, but it's not just for me.

I know I’m making an impact and adding value to people’s lives.

Plus, since I’ve started doing these daily lives and posts and investing at least 15 - 30 minutes a day…

My team is growing and so is a very significant base of followers, subscribers to my email list, and connections on LinkedIn.

I’m willing to invest every single day of my personal time to help train my followers and connections.

And that’s precisely what you have to do if you’re running a team or organization of any kind.

You need to create a daily connection with every single person.

2. Encourage Open Communication

If you want to build real loyalty then you must encourage open communication.

Unfortunately, this isn’t typically done in traditional network marketing.

I remember the days when I was in my first company and our upline diamond was this “big shot,” but I never actually talked to the guy.

I saw him at events occasionally, and I heard him on some recordings.

But I never actually talked to the guy.

I barely even talked to the person below him, or below him, or below him.

What I recommend for leaders, no matter how big you are, is to have open communication with your team members.

Facebook groups are a great way to have open communication

I get in my Facebook group and start answering questions for even the newest people. How cool is that to have your mentor and the people that you’re watching in these trainings answer your questions directly?

As a leader, it helps me keep my finger on the pulse of where my community is and how people are doing, so I encourage open communication.

Open communication brings issues to the forefront, sooner rather than later.

When people feel like they’re being heard and that their voice matters, no matter how small, then you’re going to build up their loyalty.

3. Don't Take Your Team For Granted

Now let’s talk about the flip side of loyalty.

Because loyalty should not be something that’s seen as an absolute.

One of the pitfalls many people have when they’re trying to create security and loyalty in their team is they’re coming at it with the wrong mindset.

They come in with a mindset of, “How am I going to keep from getting stabbed in the back?”

They’re focused on the downside.

Now, that might be a way of functioning in the corporate world, I get that.

But even in the corporate world that actually indicates a leadership that’s lacking, which is fostering that type of scarcity thinking (which, needless to say, doesn’t foster the best work in your employees).

Some people default to thinking they’re going to get screwed, and they’re always guarding against getting screwed.

Therefore, they have no trust.

This mindset doesn’t work for creating a thriving team culture…

Because if you have no trust, then you have no loyalty.

So how do you foster trust?

4. Foster Trust

First YOU have to give people the benefit of the doubt and trust them.

You need to trust.

Because when something happens, when things go bad in your team, then you really want to have built up that repository of loyalty like I’ve talked about.

Because trust and loyalty will always trump the deflating thought that, “it’s just business.”

The “it’s just business” realm is a hallmark of the corporate world and it’s a very dangerous phrase, because it means is you’re willing to turn on anybody, at a moment’s notice, and thus people can’t count on you.

So what are they going to do?

Well, they’re going to watch their back and look out for themselves, without going all in.

And these dynamics just don’t work, especially in the “volunteer army” of the network marketing space.

Fortunately, I’ve never had to operate in a “just business” mode with any of my community or team members.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t had challenges.

Loyalty will be tested through difficult times

Businesses, teams, and people will go through tough times. But people will stay, even when everybody else says they should leave…

If you’ve built up a repository of loyalty, by being willing to do the things others wouldn’t during the hard times.

And sure, you will have people that leave, because it always happens.

But the people who are going to be most loyal to you are the people you have invested your time in.

To summarize…

Again, here’s how you can gain loyalty through sacrificing for your team…

  • Provide value everyday
  • Be honest and encourage open communication
  • Don’t take your team for granted or put your interests first
  • Foster trust by investing in your team

Hope this makes sense for how you should run your team, and also how you should work to build your brand.

Because this isn’t just about building a network marketing organization, of course.

This process is also how you grow any business or team organization, create a personal brand, build a following, and maintain a personal connection to keep that following loyal and engaged.

These principles are universal.

Now, obviously there are…

A few steps between creating a following and welcoming that following onto your team

Including, but not exclusive to: Converting your followers into leads, customers, and fellow business-builders.

The good news is that much of this process can be automated.

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