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6 Things Every Network Marketer Should Do Daily

Are you doing these 6️ things every day❓

There are 6 key activities every network marketer needs to do daily to build a rock solid foundation for your business.

Today I'm going to...

✅ reveal exactly what each one of these business building tasks are

✅ show you what I do each day to get them done

✅ give you tips to optimize your time in doing them

✅ AND... tell you my favorite freebie tools I use every day.

I'm always about sharing the things that leaders are doing and making it as easy as possible for YOU to replicate their success!

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Here’s Your Daily Activity Checklist

#1. Take Daily Action with a System for Generating Prospects

What’s a prospect or a lead?

My definition of a lead is someone who signs up for one of my free guides, webinars or tools and is now on my email list.

As a network marketer who is building online you absolutely need to be building your own email list! This is critical to your success, and trust me… every top earner is doing this.

I’m not talking about the list of customers you have in your company back office. I’m talking about your personal email list.

Connections on LinkedIn are great.

Followers on Pinterest are excellent.

Subscribers on YouTube are fantastic.

Friends and Followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are all important.

But none of these are leads. You have no control over whether any platform is going to deliver your post or video to anyone.

You need a system to be consistently growing your email list.

If you’re not using LinkedIn, you’re missing the boat on the single most powerful platform by far for high quality, FREE leads.

If you want to learn more check out my 60 Minute Power Recruiting Program HERE.

Now once you start getting those leads pouring in, you need an autoresponder to keep all the names and email address of your prospects.

I highly recommend Keap. GREAT NEWS! There’s an all new version that’s perfect for people who are just getting going and it includes an online calendar.

You can book a free call to find out more with my favorite, and personal tech wizard extraordinaire, Krista Bakker who is a certified Keap Partner here.

#2. Nurture the Relationship with Your Prospects

So now you’ve got a steady stream of hot prospects raising their hands, saying “YES! I’m interested in what you have to offer.”

Now you need to nurture the relationship with these prospects.

How do you do that?

  • Email your list regularly (ideally DAILY) with valuable information, tools, tips, and inspiration.
  • Post valuable content on social media platforms
  • VIDEO, VIDEO, VIDEO! Do video! Video is the single fastest way for you to build the Know-Like-Trust factor and turn a prospect from cold, to warm, to hot, to buyer or team member. People can see you, your facial expressions, hear your voice, your inflection, intonation, and really feel you with video in a way no other medium can.
  • Podcasts are another super valuable tool for building a relationship with your prospects.

It’s all about leading with value and giving great information!

FREE TOOL: I use Buffer.com to schedule my social media posts on a variety of platforms. Great time saver!

#3. Take Daily Action to Get New Customers

How are you using your email list and social media to get new customers?

FREE GUIDEIf you haven’t picked up a copy of my Secret Product Selling Formula you can GRAB it HERE. 

In this free guide I walk you through the exact steps you can take to optimize your email list, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. 

And I highly recommend you offer to hop on calls with prospective customers.

FREE TOOL: Calendly.com is a great online calendar you can use to schedule prospect calls

4. Nurture Your Relationship with Your Customers

Your customers want to hear from YOU!!!! NOT your network marketing company!

You may think that once you’ve got a customer you don’t need to do anything because your company sends out a monthly newsletter, promo, etc.

News Flash!!! The vast majority of those emails from your company are going right to your customers TRASH bin!

An email from YOU… that’s a different story.

Personally, I buy products from TONS of different network marketing companies. And the minute I see an email from your company I hit delete.

However… for those extremely rare network marketers that take the time, effort and care to email me…

Well, now I’m interested. I want to hear what you have to say.

If you’re not reaching out personally, once a month, with a phone call, text message or email to check in with each customer to see if they’d like to order anything, tell them about a new product, or see if there’s any way you can help them, you’re LOSING SALES!!!

FREE GUIDE: Grab a copy of my free guide How To Boost Sales, Increase Customer Retention & Rank Advance Regularly HERE.

#5. Take Daily Action to Recruit New Team Members

Your goal should be to have a conversation, as in a zoom call, phone call, or meeting with at least one person a day where you’re presenting your business opportunity.

You need to have a clear strategy to get prospects booking calls with you. (Using an online calendar like Calendly.)

I recommend using a series of emails to follow-up with those leads who have opted into a free guide to offer a complimentary session.

When you get the 60 Minute Power Recruiting Program I give you a complete system, with a whole variety of free guides, landing pages totally done, follow-up emails totally done for you. All you need to do is copy and paste.

With this system you can have the highest quality prospects reaching out to YOU and booking time on your calendar to find out more.

#6. Nurture the Relationship with Your Team Members

Building a solid business obviously doesn’t stop with recruiting team members.

Every great leader takes the time to nurture the relationship with their team members.

I’m in touch with my top team members EVERY day.

FREE TOOLS: I use Voxer for unlimited voice messaging with my team members and top clients, and I use Slack for team communication.

Let’s face it. Your team members’ success is critical to your success.

If you’ve got team members who you just can’t seem to get going and take action, I recommend checking out this…

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