Warning: Are You Recruiting the Wrong People into Your Downline?

You and I aren’t that different.

We’ve both had times when we’d rather eat fried worms than try to have a conversation with another prospect to recruit them into our downline.

Building a profitable MLM business to earn a steady $500 to $1000 or more every month can be difficult. You’ve got to consistently sell products and recruit new team members to make that happen.

But don’t get desperate. In your attempt to build a larger business, you may be tempted to recruit pretty much anybody who shows the least bit of interest in your products or business opportunity. And some marketers will recruit pretty much anybody with a pulse.

I know, I’ve been there.

I tried to do did exactly what my upline told me to.

I made my list of 100 people.  Actually, I was trying soooooooo hard that my list was over 15o people.

I did the 10 foot rule – anybody who came within 10 feet of me was a prospect.

I really took it seriously when they told me that anyone with a pulse was a prospect.

I signed up a few team members.  But they never did anything.  They didn’t duplicate.

Does this sound familiar???  Have you had that experience?

How about this…

“Find more people and bring them to meetings.”

Heard this “strategy” before?

That’s all I was being asked to do: find more people.

My upline told me…

“Gloria, your business is going to grow if you find more people, bring them to our meetings, and get them in the business.”

To them, it was all about a numbers, numbers, numbers.

Of course you want to recruit team members who are actually interested in your opportunity and are going to do something.

Here’s the problem…

If you start recruiting deadbeats and couch potatoes who are only lookingRecruiting to get rich quick, you’ll be doing more harm than good, hurting your business –and probably the entire MLM industry– more than you might think.

What happens to your business when those deadbeats realize they can’t get rich overnight? What happens when those couch potatoes realize that nothing is free in this world, and that they actually have to work to make a living?

Those people will quit your team –and the MLM industry as well — soon enough.

But the biggest problem is, YOU get totally frustrated and discouraged and want to give up yourself!


That’s why you have to separate the “wheat from the chaff” – the quality prospects from those who are just looking to earn a fast buck.

That’s why you should NEVER recruit deadbeats into your downline!

And you don’t have too!

Thank heavens there’s another way.

Yes, there’s a way to effectively target people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.  People who are looking for an opportunity like yours.

In fact, my friend Ferny, put together an Attraction Marketing Guide you can get right now.  This is the exact system he used to create a six-figure network marketing business before he was 28 years old.

He really created…

An Easy Way To Recruit – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads…”

This is the same system another one of my friends and colleagues Tyson, used to bring 1000 people into his downline in one year.

And this is the system I use to have 20 or more qualified prospects reaching out to me everyday.

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If you’re really tired of the numbers, numbers, numbers game…

If you’re worn out from trying to drag team members along with you…

If you’re discouraged and frustrated from all of the “no’s” and no-shows…

Then it’s time to try a different way.

It’s time to STOP recruiting the Wrong People.

And START recruiting the Right People.  People who are looking for what your opportunity has to offer and are willing to do what it takes.

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Celebrating Your Success,

Gloria MacDonald

Attraction Marketing Formula