The Rumors Were Flying!

A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning, my husband and I were driving to the golf course.

He had the radio on.

He was flipping between different sports stations.







But no matter what station he was on they were all talking about the same thing…

Lebron James.

The rumors were flying.

Would he go to the Clippers, or wouldn’t he?

Of course each commentator had a different opinion and point of view about what it would mean to Lebron’s legacy.

Would he win more titles?  Break more records?  Etc…

Now I don’t think any of us need to worry about Lebron and his future.

I think it’s safe to say, he’ll be OK.

But this reminded me that what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Just a few weeks before I had been at a Network Marketing Industry conference in Las Vegas.

This was a conference of Top Leaders and people from about 20 different countries and all different Network Marketing companies.

And at the conference…

The rumors were flying.

About one top leader in particular, who also happened to be speaking at the conference.

The word on the street was that she had just left her Network Marketing company.


Some of her team members had already left too.

“What’s she going to do?”

“I heard there was a falling out.”

“Is she moving to another company?”

“Why would she walk away from all of that money?”

Now I don’t know this woman personally.

And I don’t know all of the details.

But I do know…

We don’t have to worry about her either.

And for a very good reason.

Because this woman did the one thing that every really smart, really successful, Network Marketer does.

But most never talk about.

She branded HERSELF first.

Not her Network Marketing company.

This woman is all over social media.

But she never mentions what company she’s with.

You won’t see pictures of her company’s products plastered all over her timeline and in her posts.

She’s brilliantly positioned herself as a “trusted authority” in her niche.

So she can change companies without missing a beat.

And her tribe of loyal followers will keep right on following.

Because they’re following HER.

Not her company.

In fact, every speaker at the conference had done the same thing.

They branded themselves.

Several speakers told stories about how they had made it to the top of a company, and then the company shut down, or they had to leave for some reason.

In every case, the speaker was able to rebuild at a new company extremely quickly because they had positioned themselves as a “trusted authority”.

There wasn’t one mention of any Network Marketing company throughout the entire 3 days.

To start learning how to brand yourself check this out.

This will actually help you create a massive recruiting frenzy in your business.

Because people join people.

Not companies.

People buy from, and join, people who they know, like, and trust.

So learn how to become a “trusted authority” so you too can have a loyal tribe of team members and followers.

Celebrating Your Success!