Small Wins For Your Downline = Huge Victories or….”I agree with Ray Higdon”

Small wins for your downline can equate to huge victories, not only for them, but for you!

This is Major League Controversial, but why not lead with your product?

If you’re doing “traditional” or “old school” marketing, by that I mean, not using Social Media and the internet to market and recruit, then why not lead with your product?

Ray Higdon recently did a video and blog post about how so many people are missing out by not leading with their product.  I have to say that I agree with his perspective on this.

And there’s a fair amount of data that backs up the idea of leading with your product, IF you’re doing tradition style marketing.

Let’s face it, according to industry surveys and statistics, a very small percentage of network marketers ever make $100,000 or more a year.

This is from an article on

About 3 percent of all networkers will make more than $35,000 a year; 2 percent will make more than $50,000; 0.5 percent will make more than $100,000 annually; and about 0.1 percent will make more than $150,000.

Ages ago, in a different career, I interviewed a woman and I’ll never forget one thing she said.  It made a huge impression on me.  She said…

“You gotta shake what your mama gave ya.”

According to the same article I quoted above,

For the vast majority of networkers, it is a “second job,” with the hope of $300 to $500 per month in auxiliary income.

So, if that’s true, what if you could show your entire downline how to be really, really successful at making an extra $300 – 500 per month?  You’d be a hero.

If we trained our downline to lead with the product, especially with their warm market, then studies indicate that they have a very high likelihood of having much more success.

Here’s evidence to back this up, from that same article.

Much of the power of network marketing springs from the fact that most people tend to seek advice about products, services, … from their friends and relatives. Moreover, they generally trust that advice. In fact, a poll by the Roper Organization revealed that the advice of friends and relatives carries even more weight than the advice that comes from strangers with impressive credentials.

Small Wins for Your Downline Can Lead to Huge Victories!

This is a powerful paradigm shift.  Check out the possibilities in the video below.

And while we’re talking about paradigm shifts…

Here’s the link to the FREE Social Media Recruiting Frenzy I mentioned in the video.

Imagine what you could create if you broke down all of the barriers for you and your downline?
If you really started to “Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya”.

What if we allowed our downline to be good at what they’re good at?

Some people will be spectacular at selling product.  This is where they’ll thrive and really succeed.  Even if thriving for them is only making $500 a month or so.

Other people might be fantastic a recruiting.

AND I truly believe there are much easier ways to recruit, using the power of Social Media, particularly Facebook.

If only personal computers, the internet, and social media had existed when I started with my first network marketing company way back in the dark ages in 1979.  LOL!!

But these all do exist today… so get shakin’ what ya mama gave ya right on over to pick up Social Media Recruiting Frenzy NOW!

Celebrating Your Success!