“I want to grow it organically…”

Why do people say this???

I heard this line recently from a Network Marketer.

She told me she wants to grow her business “organically”.


What do you think we’re doing here folks…

Growing vegetables?????

I wish I could say this was the first time I’d heard this.

But it isn’t.

And to be perfectly blunt, to a certain extent, I think this comes from the ‘load of crap’ that’s spewed from so many Network Marketing “alters”…

“It’s sharing. It’s not selling.”

Bull sh*$#*t!!!

Oh, don’t get me started…

Now, if all you want to do is make an extra $200 – $500 a month and you just want to sell products, and not grow a downline…

Which is totally cool…

Then yes, absolutely, you can verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slooooooooooooooowly grow a customer base “organically” and eventually end up making $200 or so a month.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.


You’re being really honest with yourself, and that’s all you want out of your business.

If that’s you, you can stop reading now and go back to your gardening.

But let’s get real.

Network Marketing is a BUSINESS.

A very legitimate business.

To grow any business takes time, work, and effort.

And I believe, even more importantly, it takes skills.

So when I hear someone say that they want to grow their business “organically”…

It sounds like code for:

  1. I’m too lazy to actually do any work
  2. I’m looking for one of those magic hocus-pocus do nothing and get rich schemes (which don’t exist)
  3. I’m scared to death I might fail, so if I don’t even try I can’t fail
  4. I’m petrified of getting out of my comfort zone, so I’m going to stay frozen in place
  5. Or, I haven’t learned the skills I need to succeed in this business

Now the first four reasons all have to do with mindset/psychology and energy.

And they can all be overcome, or shifted.  But that’s another blog post.

I think the vast majority of people are suffering from number 5.  And they don’t even realize it!

When you haven’t learned the required skills to succeed, there’s a very real fear of failure.grow business

Now it’s your brain’s job to keep you safe and protect you from failure.

So without realizing what’s REALLY going on at a subconscious level…

People say things like “I want to grow my business organically” as a protection mechanism.

What they’re really saying is “I’m not proficient at the skill set required to be successful at this, so I’m going to keep myself safe.”

But there’s great news!

It’s easy to learn the skill sets required to succeed in Network Marketing.

Not so great news…

Most companies and uplines are not teaching these skills.

Oh, there’s TONS of training in Network Marketing companies.

And I’ll bet your upline, or your upline’s upline, or even somewhere further up the line than that you’re being provided with TONS of training too.

But are you really learning the skills required in 2017 and beyond?

Is anyone teaching you…

  • How To Target Your IDEAL Prospect, so you’re literally recruiting Rejection-FREE.
  • How To Pull in Tons of QUALIFIED Leads on LinkedIn  Even if No one’s ever heard of you.
  • What to do if You Have a J.O.B. – and feel like you can’t “risk” changing your profile.
  • How To Turn Prospects Into Team Members in 3 EASY Steps a simple 3 step process that you can “wash, rinse, repeat” over and over again.
  • What if My Company Doesn’t Allow Marketing Online? I’ll show you how and why this will work for you, even if your company Prohibits You From Using Their Name, Logo, and Product Pictures Online
  • How to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Money Making MACHINE, so you’re literally making money while you sleep.
  • PLUS a SPECIAL One-Hour-A-Day LinkedIn Domination Blueprint

These are the types of skills you need to acquire to effectively use the power of social media, particularly LinkedIn, to create an massive sales and recruiting surge in your business.

And this is exactly what I’ll teach you in my FREE Webinar.

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