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When Should You Quit Your Job?

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was out to dinner with a friend and I told her… “I’m quitting my job tomorrow.” The next day, I went to work and told my boss – “I quit. This is my 2 week notice.” Can’t tell you how GREAT it felt! He smirked and said […]

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How to Deal with Conflict with Your Upline, Sideline, and Team Members

Conflict can break apart teams, destroy businesses and rip apart friends and family. Learning the art of conflict resolution is a critical life skill. Several years ago I was a member of an elite Mastermind Group led by the “Rich Dad” himself, Keith Cunningham. If you don’t know who Keith Cunningham is, he’s Robert Kiyosaki’s original […]

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Discover The Secret Formula To Catapult Your Success

I hope this story gives you a laugh or two. Years ago, I taught English as a second language in Mexico. There was a group of about 9 of us Americans, who were teaching at a school. We were all young and adventurous. We’d go away on weekends to explore some of the more remote […]

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Your Superpower…

“I’m often struck by the ability of a single individual to change the world. Think Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Anne Wojcicki, Martin Luther King Jr. and Indira Gandhi, to name a few. They each started with no money and no technology, just their passion and perseverance.” That’s the beginning of a […]

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Some pretty CONTROVERSIAL stuff here…

As I was putting together this recap of the Free Trainings I’ve done this week for Network Markers, Home-based Business Owner and Entrepreneurs, I realized there’s some pretty controversial stuff in here. Like quitting your job, taking risks and getting rich! Enjoy. Are you ready to QUIT your JOB, that is?  Why Goal Setting Is […]

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